Letters to the Editor: Donald Trump’s Trial in NYC by Alvin Bragg viewed as a Sham

The Issue: The former president’s trial regarding alleged hush money paid out to Stormy Daniels.

In the Democratic quest to ensure that former President Donald Trump is unable to run for election come November, progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg turned Trump’s misdemeanor in the Stormy Daniels matter into a series of felonies (“Bragg’s vain show trial,” April 16).

Subjecting Trump to a six-week trial amid a presidential campaign, all for a ridiculous show trial, indicates that the Democrats don’t know how to run a fair campaign. They have underlings at their disposal like Bragg and New York Attorney General Letitia James running interference and doing their dirty work for them.

Marty Orenstein

New Hyde Park

One thing is certain: New York is a cesspool of corrupt judges and politicians.

I lived my entire 73 years in New York and have never seen it so bad, as thousands have left for a better life. Just look at what is going on with Trump: two Democratic judges out to get the leading candidate of the Republican Party. Even legal scholars argue that Bragg made up these charges, something that communist countries do.

If I was a juror in the trial, I would find Trump not guilty. This case is bogus.

Owen Kelly

Valley Stream

Bragg launching his trial against Trump was predictable.

Former New York Rep. Lee Zeldin represented the district I live in, and it is tragic that he has lost his respect for the law. Naturally, he supports the false claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

The broadside against New York’s justice system demonstrates the desperation of Trump’s supporters. If you don’t have the law on your side, argue the facts. But since Trump supporters don’t have the facts, they just argue.

Zeldin’s unquestioning obeisance created a baseless advocacy for Trump, a classic example of blind partisan loyalty. Perhaps Zeldin didn’t wear his eclipse glasses, and that caused his blindness.

Steven Ludsin

East Hampton

Jonathan Turley flatly stated that all four of Trump’s indictments, trials, and convictions to date were politically motivated, overseen by a politicized Justice Department and Democratic states and that all the charges pervert the rule of law (“Empire strikes back to back,” April 15).

That same Justice Department looked the other way as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton destroyed 33,000 emails subpoenaed by Congress, had her staff destroy her cell phones, and used a personal unsecured private server in violation of federal law.

Much like the Old West maxim “let’s hang him, then give him a fair trial,” our once-revered Constitution is being strung up at the end of a rope of partisan political corruption.

John Brindisi


These vacuous cases being brought against Trump are Exhibit A in demonstrating malicious prosecution — from prosecutors campaigning on getting Trump to judges issuing ridiculous judgments and gag orders on the defendant and now a blatant attempt to affect the presidential election by demanding the defendant sit in court rather than campaign.

This has nothing to do with justice. It is naked interference fueled by political bias and hatred. It can, should, and must be stopped in defense of our democracy.

William Fisher


As Trump’s trial begins, I have a simple request: The IRS should look into whether or not Daniels paid her taxes on the money allegedly received from Trump.

If she did not pay her taxes on the money she received, then the payment either did not actually happen or she defrauded the government of the proper taxes due.

John Leonard


Trump is being crucified on a cross of political vengeance.

The case against Trump is a sham and the entire New York justice system is corrupt. All decent Americans with ethical and moral values should demand this miscarriage of justice end immediately.

Paul Schoenbaum

Richmond, Va.

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