Letters to the Editor — May 17, 2023

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The Issue: Mayor Adams’ decision to house migrants in the gyms of seven public schools.

The article about public-school gyms being used to house illegal migrants in New York City brings to mind a quintessential New York phrase: “You can’t just talk the talk. You gotta walk the walk” (“Kids sacrificed,” May 16).

What did the parents who voted for this administration think they were doing?

Adams declared New York City to be a sanctuary city. You can’t just say that. If that’s what you believe, you need to be a sanctuary.

If you voted for Mayor Adams or Gov. Hochul, then you voted for this, and you can’t complain now. If it’s impacting your life negatively, then vote with your head next time.

I was born and raised in The Bronx and left before it got too bad; I’m so sad for those still there.

For me, New York City was the best place in the world. Now it’s just another hellscape at the mercy of irresponsible, virtue-signaling politicians.

Lucia Mandarino


If parents are outraged over the closing of gyms to help support migrants, how are they going to feel when the new class size is 40 or more, and over half the class doesn’t understand English?

My heart goes out to those poor people who are coming here for a better life. But the sad reality is that while I can afford to support a family of four, I cannot support a group of 40, and the politicians don’t care. All they see is more votes.

Gary Markman

Beacon Falls, Conn.

Where are American Federation of Teachers head Randi Weingarten and the teachers unions now?

All during the COVID pandemic, they refused to allow in-person learning for fear of transmission of the virus.

Now, they raise not a single voice as Mayor Adams houses migrants — many of whom are unvaccinated against diseases like COVID, polio, measles, tuberculosis, etc. — in those very schools.

So much about caring for the children and their own members. Political power above all.

What disasters Biden has foisted upon this country. And they are magnified by incredibly poor local “leadership.”

J. Mancuso

Naples, Fla.

I myself am the child of an immigrant father who escaped to this country from Nazi-infiltrated Austria. And I’d also guess that 90% or more of the people being transported into my city right now are decent, family-loving people.

That being said, it’s hard to imagine that any parent of a child at one of these targeted public schools wouldn’t be thinking what the mom in Tuesday’s Post article expressed: “I say to the mayor, ‘Open up Gracie Mansion, and allow the migrants to have a shower and hot meal. You have 22,000 square feet, let them seek refuge at your home.’ ”

Not only that, but the gyms and schoolyards at these schools will be off-limits for the little kids who go there after they have already been held hostage for two critical years of their lives due to the pandemic.

Gary Stein, Manhattan

I’d like to see what the reaction would’ve been in October of 2001 if Americans were asked (told) to endure a constant yet preventable influx of unvetted masses.

Unfortunately, those times are but a distant memory for some. Unknown adult males who aren’t citizens don’t belong in a school gym with children nearby. Yet we’ll be told this is different.

Our kids have already endured more than they ever should have with COVID.

Now, at the very least, they’re going to be denied fresh air and athletics. All because the ideologically driven are still in power, doling out more suffering with no end in sight.

Gary Kaelin


So New York City is at capacity with migrants arriving daily from El Paso, Texas.

Hey, mayor, time to pivot again. Here’s an idea: How about you put up some tents on the huge lawn at Gracie Mansion?

You can probably house a couple of hundred there. Give them the three meals a day they have come to expect from sanctuary cities. Heck, you can even let ’em use your bathroom and gym.

Mike Lapinga

Staten Island

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