Mayor Eric Adams gets only insults from Mayorkas over NYC migrant crisis

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What an insult.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams trekked down to DC Thursday to meet with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about migrants from the border overwhelming the city. 

Mayorkas promised to . . . send a federal staffer

He’s got to be kidding.

To do what, exactly?

Keep a seat warm in City Hall?

This, despite the growing calls from Democrats for real action by the White House on the border. 

Adams was joined by New York progressive power players Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer; it shows President Joe Biden so committed to letting these migrants in that he’ll spit in the faces of powerful party mates

New York doesn’t need a mid-level career bureaucrat beholden to President Biden’s point man on border erosion.

The city needs money, and a closure of the border, as his fellow Democrats demand. 

The feds, after all, have signed off on a measly $104.6 million in relief aid to the city. 

Alejandro Mayorkas
Mayorkas promised Adams that he would send a federal staffer to help with the ongoing migrant crisis.

That’s as more than 93,000 migrants have arrived here since last spring.

Housing, feeding, clothing and educating them is projected to cost the city at least $4.3 billion through 2025. 

Dozens of new migrant facilities have been set up, with 83 created just since March.

“Our city is at a breaking point,” noted a letter from 54 Democratic lawmakers from across the city demanding action. 

They’re exactly right. 

President Joe Biden
More democrats are now calling for real action by the White House on the border including Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Until the feds actually permit real border enforcement, not the tragicomedy of a CBP-run app riddled with loopholes that lets illegal migrants schedule their crossing, the strain on Gotham will only grow worse. 

Given the utter contempt shown Adams by DHS and Biden, it’s clear the mayor needs to get tough as he and other Democrats campaign for action. 

Step up the criticism of Biden, by name.

Meanwhile, he’ll need to crack down harder on the inflows here and send migrants on to other places to share the social-services burden they bring. 

Hmm: How about DC — and Rehoboth, Del. — to start?

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