Migrants from NYC find shelter at Madison HS during storm, Correspondence

The Issue: Migrants being temporarily housed in a Brooklyn High School due to inclement weather.

President Biden’s open border policy is now disrupting our children’s education (“School’s out for the shelter,” Jan. 10).

It’s outrageous to think that our taxpayer dollars are funding “remote learning” in order for roughly 2,000 migrants to be safely sheltered.

Mayor Adams has clearly lost control of the Big Apple. Is this city a sanctuary for anyone?
There is no room at the inn, yet Adams refuses to blame Biden for the wide-open borders. The city clearly cannot handle all these migrants, and funding is tapped out. Now our children are paying the price.

Adams will need to turn this around quickly if he hopes to save New York City — and his political career.

Alice Daly


I am not surprised that the city sent home all the Madison HS students to provide migrants refuge from Tuesday’s storm.

One fact should be painfully clear by now: Adams’ administration appears willing to subordinate the interests of New Yorkers to the needs of the many asylum seekers. It should also be obvious to New York City taxpayers that neither Adams nor the leftist City Council are willing to put a stop to this endless influx of foreigners.

The continued absence of significant aid from the Biden administration spells bankruptcy for the city.

Dennis Middlebrooks


If I were a parent at Madison HS, I would be outraged. I would not want my child to be forced to switch to online learning because their classroom was occupied by migrants.

The suspension of live learning to shelter migrants is a slap in the face to every American citizen.
This is what the Biden administration has subjected the American people to. Dereliction of duty does not even begin to describe Biden’s tenure. What a disgrace.

Betsy Flor

Putnam Valley

Yet another low for Adams and his handling of the migrant crisis.

These families do not deserve special treatment at the expense of New York City high school students.

Why did Adams deem it necessary to authorize the use of the school to begin with? It wasn’t even that cold on Tuesday. Adams is a complete disaster.

Joe Nugent

Staten Island

The fact that migrants were transferred from the Floyd Bennett Field shelters to Madison HS is unsurprising.

Everyone knew those temporary shelters were not designed to deal with inclement weather. Migrants are being ferried from one place to another on the taxpayers’ dime.

Somehow, Madison’s most powerful alum, Sen. Charles Schumer, has failed to comment on the situation.

Perhaps Schumer should visit Floyd Bennett Field or his alma mater to see first hand how Biden’s open-border policy is destroying our nation.

It’s clear that Schumer abandoned his old neighborhood long ago. He has traded his Brooklyn roots for Washington elitism.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

It was ill-advised to house asylum seekers in Floyd Bennett Field in the first place. For one, the area lacks the social and commercial services needed to accommodate a large community of people.
Adams, due to weather concerns, was then forced to move these people into a local high school in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood.

One must ask: Who exactly was Adams elected to represent? Madison was forced to close in-person classes and learning went online.

Are our high school students so well-educated that schools can afford to close for a day or two? Where is the equal show of concern for the Brooklyn citizenry?

Yakov Moshe


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