Monica Lewinsky launches a new initiative urging women to vote

New fashion intern

Monica Lewinsky has partnered with clothing brand Reformation.

We’re talking bras, boobs, behinds.

Terrific, perfect for Monica. Enough already. We’re glad for her.

I’ll get new pantyhose, a pair of shorts and some uplift something just to support her.

A return in ‘brief’

“Night Court” is back for a second season.

Says John Larroquette: “Happy people are seeing it anew. This show’s vaudeville. I’m the old skeleton dragged out of the graveyard. People laughing is a high calling in these weird times we live in. The show’s just about being funny.”

No parties here

Civilization has created the non-Republican/non-Democratic movement called No Labels.

Fie on Kamala. Poo on Nikki. It announces its candidate next month.

Many Republican members are retiring. The GOP seems unable to coalesce on key issues. Trumpers share little interest in moderates.

Projected GOP winner Trump could face a Dem majority in the House.

If so it’s chaos and a struggle to get anything accomplished.

E pluribus unum. Basically, one for all and all for nobody.

Congrats to Mrs. Affleck’s self-promoted film where she slides down a pole.

Per family history it has been alleged that Ben’s multi-married wife is familiar with sliding down a pole.

And this is not only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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