MSNBC bizarrely accuses Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu while Joe Biden downplays inflation and more

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This charge:

“Bibi Netanyahu [is] perhaps the biggest obstacle to a two-state solution [in Israel].”

— MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle, Tuesday

We say: Barnicle might dislike Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but it’s the Palestinians who’ve rejected numerous sweet deals for a two-state solution, even when Bibi wasn’t involved.

Indeed, Gaza has effectively been a separate state since Israel withdrew its forces and forcibly evicted Israeli settlers from the enclave in 2005.

Hamas’ charter explicitly calls for Israel’s destruction, as did the Palestinian National Charter.

“The biggest obstacle to a two-state solution” is painfully clear — and it’s not Bibi. 

This tweet:

We say: Sorry, WaPo, but there’s no “mystery.”

“Most Americans” feel grim about their economic condition because they’re not better off.

Their paychecks haven’t kept up with inflation.

Many have quit looking for a job, so the actual jobless rate is significantly higher than official numbers suggest.

Mortgage rates have soared, putting homeownership out of reach for young buyers.

And the government keeps running multitrillion-dollar deficits, jeopardizing America’s financial stability.

The real “mystery”? Why media outlets like The Washington Post can’t admit all that.

This finding:

“Many US households are already feeling the economic impacts of climate change.”

— US Global Change Research Program’s Fifth National National Climate Assessment

We say: Climate indeed affects the economy, but the alarmists really stretch it in this latest report.

They blame global warming for higher health-care, food and other costs, as well as for “segregation, income inequality . . . increased crime and domestic violence, harm to mental health, reduced happiness” and on and on.

Forgive them: Climate warriors have already predicted the end of the world; how do you top that?

This claim:

“Annual inflation is now down by 65% from the peak.”

— President Biden, Tuesday

We say: The White House really must think Americans are idiots or have incredibly short memories.

The only reason inflation is down so much from its peak is because the peak soared to record highs — well past 9% last year thanks to Bidenomics and policies pushed by Democrats in Congress.

And while the rate’s now finally down to “only” 3.2%, it’s still more than twice the 1.4% rate when President Biden took office. 

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