NYC is being misled by Mayor Adams’ administration on subway crime

Every time a violent incident occurs in the subway, the New York Times reassures us that it’s just a matter of “perception” and not reality.

The Adams administration has also joined in on this gaslighting, claiming last month that things were improving and we just needed to trust them since we didn’t have the data.

Now that we have the statistics, it’s clear that the situation is not good.

Despite the reassurances from the Times that subway crime is “rare,” recent incidents show otherwise.

After Governor Hochul deployed the National Guard in mid-March, the Times dismissed it as unnecessary, claiming that violent incidents are uncommon.

Even with multiple recent attacks, including stabbings, hammerings, slashings, and bottle incidents, the Times continued to insist that these events are “rare.”

Following the third random subway murder in February, the Times claimed that subway killings are rare.

After the second random subway murder of the year, the Times reiterated that subway violence is “especially rare” and “especially unusual.”

Following the first random subway murder in January, the Times once again emphasized that such incidents are “rare.”

In response to the recent surge in subway crimes, the Adams administration has continued to downplay the severity of the situation.

Despite the increase in violent incidents, the transit chief assured that things were improving due to the additional deployment of officers.

While overall felonies were down in February compared to the previous year, serious violent crimes remained steady.

With 76 serious violent crimes in February 2024, including murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults, the city’s transit system is still facing significant challenges.

Despite the efforts to address the situation, subway violence remains a concern for many New Yorkers.

The statistics show that serious transit crime is on the rise, contrasting with the claims of it being “rare.”

Looking back at historical data, it’s clear that subway crime is becoming more frequent compared to previous years.

With a 27% increase in serious violent crimes in the first two months of 2024, the situation is becoming more alarming.

Considering today’s lower ridership rates, the likelihood of being a victim of violence on the subway has increased significantly.

Subway passengers are at a higher risk of encountering violent incidents, with many witnessing such crimes firsthand.

As subway violence continues to escalate, the sense of safety among New Yorkers has deteriorated.

If subway violence truly becomes rare in the future, it will be evident through a decrease in threatening incidents.

Nicole Gelinas is a contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal.

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