NYC’s $4.4 BILLION Shoplifting Black Market: A Result of Pro-Crime Lawmakers

Progressives’ advocacy for leniency on “minor” crimes has benefited major criminal organizations.

A recent investigation by the New York Post uncovered that the leniency towards shoplifters has led to a multi-billion-dollar black market where leaders now organize thefts by addicts and other “petty” thieves.

Shoplifting and other forms of retail theft have already cost New York businesses an estimated $4.4 billion in 2022, with the yearly toll likely exceeding $5 billion due to the lack of legislative action.

The operation is straightforward: leaders assign minions to steal specific items, then sell them on various platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or in-person, making significant profits from the stolen goods.

These criminals have warehouses filled with stolen merchandise.

While the thieves profit, legitimate businesses suffer, and consumers face higher prices and unpleasant shopping experiences.

Meanwhile, individuals like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defend shoplifters as poor individuals struggling to survive.

Despite the negative consequences, including stores locking up essential items, customers enduring long waits for products, and shelves emptied by thieves, the Democratic leadership has failed to pass stricter laws against repeat offenders and those who harm retail workers.

Will they continue to obstruct Governor Hochul’s $40 million initiative to combat this underground economy?

The governor’s current focus is on penalizing online platforms that facilitate the sale of stolen goods and allocating funds for a specialized shoplifting State Police unit.

If the progressives resist, it may imply that the black-market traders are influencing lawmakers through lobbyists and campaign donations.

If the legislative inaction persists, crime may be the only thriving business left in New York.

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