NYT overcomes concerns about National Guard, AOC shifts stance on protesting and other news updates

Chronicle of misinformation and false beliefs

These tweets:

We say: Sen. Cotton highlights the absence of panic at The New York Times regarding Gov. Hochul’s deployment of the National Guard to “restore law and order” in the subway.

Kudos to him: In 2020, when the Times published Cotton’s column calling for military intervention during the George Floyd riots, the paper’s staff rebelled.

“Publishing this endangered Black @nytimes staff,” they claimed. The publication later apologized and dismissed key editors.

Hmm: Staff don’t appear fearful about Hochul’s plan—or the Times’ coverage of it . . . . Aren’t “Black @nytimes staff in danger” once again?

Spot the difference:

“The whole point of protesting is to make people uncomfortable.”

— Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,Dec. 2, 2020


“This is not acceptable!”

— AOC, scolding a protester Monday

We say: A fellow leftist challenges AOC to label Israel’s conflict with Hamas as “genocide”—and suddenly she is not okay with protesting anymore.

This tweet:

We say: Rep. Swalwell implies that Trump’s actions during the Capitol Riot caused the deaths of police officers.

However, no officers died during the riot; one passed away the next day from natural causes, according to the medical examiner.

Nevertheless, the falsehood persists among the left.

This headline:

“Do Americans Have a ‘Collective Amnesia’ about Donald Trump?”

New York Times, Wednesday

We say: The Times is dismayed by the improving public perception of President Donald Trump and his lead in their own polls

It attributes this to fading memories and the passage of time. Yet the editors—hoping readers will focus on Trump’s flaws—seem unaware of (or unwilling to admit) that President Biden’s poor performance makes the former president appear better in hindsight.

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