Prince Harry appears rude and disrespectful in both countries

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Duke’s up against the Wallis

Those claiming to know say whispers about Meghan and her non prince of a guy are getting louder. Like how now they’re not insanely euphoric yippee happy with their lives, or lies, or whatever.

He dislikes California. There’s the London drama. He now resembles a jerk in two countries. Plus they’ve fallen on their assets professionally. And that temp duchess is going nowhere.

It smells like Britain’s long-ago aroma of Wallis, the American divorcée Duchess of Windsor and her abdicated ex-king husband Edward. Right off there was headlines, photos, p.r. Time came when no limo, no curtsies, spring for your own sandwich, your novelty’s gone. When it basically osmosed into whothehell cares — came the realities.

I interviewed bitter Wallis who called him strictly “His Royal Highness.” On their Waldorf couch lay a huge real leopard fur. “His Royal Highness shot it,” she told me. “He takes it wherever we go. His Royal Highness is now inside working on our finances. We are no longer wealthy, we are in need of money.”

She later appeared at a Palm Beach, Fla., gala. Her payment was jewelry.

Yankee’s doodle is dandy

NEW Yorkers are helping Israelis. Mindy Levine, wife of Yankee president Randy Levine, hitched onto El Al a planeload of desperately needed packages to United Hatzalah’s state-of-the-art emergency.

Bearing contents that assisted in saving lives, she has flown back and forth to Israel twice with what are called emergency ambucycles.

Other parts of the world are also quietly helping Israelis. The country’s parents are shipping their children out. To safety. To other countries. Not in every case nations which you’d expect. Areas not already heavy with those of their faith. Like, for instance, Thailand.

A surprise is — Germany. Berlin. Told to me was: “Not all Germans are anti. We are nice people. We welcome the Israeli children.” Yeah. OK.

Come to mention

A THANK YOU to Michael Smerconish for mentioning my column on his CNN program.

Makeup’s over

SHOVE excuses about the Estée Lauder gold mine losing its shine. Juice leaking from inside is: Today’s younguns — dressing in short shorts with loose boobs bobbling plus stiletto fingernails in Salvador Dalí colors, fake huge eyelashes, add-on hairpieces — do NOT want what’s considered old-hat cosmetics. They want the newer jazzier type stuff out there.

So how do I know this? Because I know this.

STRAIGHT from the tonsils of Joe Biden: “I know I may not be the smartest man in the whole world — but what’s my opinion against millions of Democrats?”

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