Priscilla Presley left shaken after unexpected appearance of alleged love child at book signing

Elvis kin are all shook up

I am not acquainted with Deborah Presley Brando.

She is known as Elvis’ eldest daughter, possibly born out of wedlock.

She was married to Marlon’s son, the late Christian Brando.

I only know that this lady asked her Beverly Hills publicist, Ed Lozzi, for the contact information of a spiritual seer named John Cohan.

Why? Because she knew Lozzi was familiar with him. She proceeded to call Cohan twice, sending numerous texts venting about various subjects, and inquiring about a reading and his fees.

He explains, “She was aware of my experiences with Elvis. We had conversations where she vented about various situations. I never ended up giving her a reading. Eventually, I stopped responding when she reached out.”

He informs me, “I bring this up because at a recent book signing by Priscilla Presley, Priscilla was shocked to see Deborah show up, right in front of her. In one of our conversations, Deborah had quoted Lisa Marie Presley telling her, ‘You mean nothing to me in my life.'”

Cohan stated that he is willing to take a lie detector test to confirm that these were Deborah Presley Brando’s own words.

He mentions, “She has even authored a book.” It has been released, though not in mainstream bookstores. The exact location of its availability is unknown. I do know she spells her personal publicist Lozzi as ‘Lozzie.’

Urban market

The urban scene is bustling with activity once again.

Over in Midtown, at Benny John’s Bar and Grill, Paul Shaffer (famous from late-night shows) enjoyed a meal consisting of filet mignon, fries, creamed spinach, homemade panna cotta, and cheesecake.

Located on Third Avenue near 91st Street, Kaia Wine Bar offers South African cuisine. Our Town columnist Arlene Kayatt discovered that Baya Bar, with a rhyming name, has opened next door.

Now, side by side, patrons can enjoy red wine, bobotie (a South African spiced beef dish with egg custard), an acai smoothie, Coco Loco coconut bowl, Baya Blues smoothie, a banana protein granola coconut shavings peanut butter bowl, and Dik Snit Spek (thick bacon with tomato chutney).

Best of luck.

Entering Hollywood’s happy hour

There are some light-hearted movies making their way to the screen. Now, we have another “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.” William H. Macy states, “I play consigliere to the head ape.” Who knew apes had such interesting roles?

In addition, there is the delightful Monk movie titled “Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie.” Tony Shalhoub shares, “It’s about Monk giving up. He’s in a dark place, feeling suicidal.” Truly heartwarming.

To buy for’s

Real estate professionals in the city have recently noticed a leaning brick building in NYC.

Concerned about a potential collapse, they reported it to the proper emergency authorities.

However, no action has been taken, and the building continues to lean.

Skilled tradespeople, such as carpenters, plumbers, and masons, are not rushing into the US as they once did.

In some cases where quick completion is needed, less-skilled workers are being hastily hired to finish projects.

Upon assessment by skilled professionals, this less-skilled work has been deemed shoddy and unsafe.

Meanwhile, large sums of money are pouring into the city, with homeless individuals, migrants, and wealthy individuals all present. Luxury retailers on 57th Street are seeing significant cash flow, with Tiffany making billions, Dior undergoing renovations, and Burberry increasing its budget from $50 million to $100 million.

All of this occurs while there are individuals struggling with food insecurity, not just in New York but elsewhere as well.

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