Protesters opposing Israel are disrupting the peace and stability of our community and must end their disruptive actions.

Interrupting a dean’s dinner at the University of California, Berkeley.

Blocking the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridges.

Shutting down Penn Station and Grand Central Terminal. 

Anti-Israel protesters think they are making a bold political statement, but they’re really just making everyone angry. 

“Do you think I care?” screamed one angry California motorist trapped on the Golden Gate Bridge after getting out of his car to confront the activists, showing just how little he thinks of their malign cause. 

Few supporters 

According to Pew Research Center, only 22% of Americans believe Hamas’ reasons for fighting Israel are in any way valid. 

Just 5% believe the Iran-funded radical terrorist organization’s brutal Oct. 7 assault on Israel was “acceptable.” 

It boggles the mind that the infantile narcissists blocking our nation’s roads and bridges can possibly imagine that even Americans concerned with ­humanitarian issues in Gaza would feel in any way good about mass disruption of their daily routines, including commutes to work and school, to accommodate a political message that strikes most of us as pro-terrorist. 

As the whole world and especially our nation’s already beleaguered commuters have now seen, by imposing their hateful views on our right to go about our business in peace, they are also explicitly anti-American. 

If you have any doubts about that, check out the viral videos showing malicious Chicago activists training their cohorts how to chant “Death to America,” as well as “Death to Israel” — in Persian — smack in the middle of the American heartland. 

Enough is enough. 

Blue cities have let these ­morons get away with too much for too long. 

Lefty wrist slap 

After San Francisco police in December arrested 80 protesters who blocked the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to demand a Gaza cease-fire, city prosecutors let them off if they promised to do five hours of community service. 

Politicians there, and in Chicago and New York, should instead look to Florida, where such nonsense is not permitted. 

In Miami-Dade County, seven miscreants who blocked Biscayne Boulevard were booked on charges that will likely send them to jail. 

Everywhere else, they should be kicked from the river to sea. 

Paul du Quenoy is president of the Palm Beach Freedom Institute.

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