Reader’s Feedback — July 10, 2024

The Issue: Calls from top Democrats for President Biden to step down as the party nominee for 2024.

President Biden has a long history of making the wrong decisions (“Time to go Joe!” July 8).

As vice president, he opposed the mission to take out Osama bin Laden.

He withdrew from Afghanistan against the advice of his commanders.

He opened up the border, caused record-high inflation by buying votes and is currently refusing to bow out of the race (as common sense indicates he should).

Anybody who votes for Biden is as delusional as he is.

Seymour Srulowitz

Englewood, NJ

All the Democrats are doing is making it easier for our country to become an autocracy by not putting their support behind the president.

On any given day, Biden is more presidential than Donald Trump ever was.

Our president has not been given credit for anything he’s done for our country in the last four years.

Under Biden, we have a functioning government with an administration that knows what its doing for the good of the people.

Under Trump, the government, for the most part, was run by anyone who either contributed to his party or agreed with everything he said.

D. Gold


This lame-duck-to-be is rapidly becoming a pariah, as some of the party biggies are ramping up pressure to force him to leave the race.

Even some of his most loyal aficionados are changing course.

The only problem is his stubborn demeanor.

He’s not showing any signs of relenting, and we should expect kicking and screaming if the party tries to have him removed.

It’s extremely unlikely that we will see anything resembling a graceful exit.

His letter Monday to Democrats in Congress made it perfectly clear that he stakes his claim as the party candidate and is prepared to take on any challenges.

Ronald Frank

West Orange, NJ

I respectfully disagree with Monday’s headline in The Post that it’s time for Joe Biden to go.

I fervently hope that he’ll stay in the race through Nov. 5.

Not only will he lose, he will drag the whole Democratic Party down.

We desperately need to flush away all of the disasters that Dems have wrought on this country and bring the adults back to the White House.

Louie Rey

Summerville, SC

Biden needs to be told clearly that his adamancy about remaining the nominee is only making sure that Donald Trump will win.

Biden’s defense — that he was tired and not all there for the first debate — is shameful.

With the Ukraine war and the Israel/Hamas conflict in Gaza, the United States should have a president who is all there in mind and body.

By his own admission, Biden is failing on both these counts, and being stubborn and hanging on to the nomination is irresponsible and shameful.

He has himself said that the country and the world cannot afford to have a Trump presidency, and for precisely that reason he should withdraw from the contest and allow the Democrats to chose an alternate candidate for president.

S. Kamat

Mysore, India

With Biden dropping quickly in the polls and with Trump on the brink of reclaiming his place in the White House, panicked Democrats have hit the ground running after their return from the July 4 break.

Leading the charge is the treacherous Rep. Jerry Nadler, as the back-room meetings are now going on and the take-down of Biden is in the making.

It will probably take place at the Democratic National Convention and be reminiscent of the assassination of Caesar.

Nicholas Maffei


So now top Democrats are telling Joe it’s time to go.

This is the party that took a senile man in 2020, kept him in the basement, got him elected, used him as its leaders saw fit and now is throwing him out.

This is a choreographed plan, and the people behind it should be held accountable.

Bob Robustelli

Stamford, Conn.

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