Readers’ Opinions – February 12, 2024

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The Issue: President Biden’s recent gaffes and mistakes that are indications of his mental decline.

Anyone who has followed President Biden over the past year or so has definitely seen the decline in his mental sharpness, as mentioned in the editorial “Our Prez Needs an Intervention” (Feb. 8). The gaffes and mistakes he makes on a daily basis can no longer be overlooked. He rarely goes out in public and avoids answering questions from press reporters. It is concerning to witness the mental decline of the president of the United States. The country seems to lack alternatives, as Vice President Kamala Harris is not widely seen as a desirable replacement.

It is no secret that Biden has dementia, and it is apparent to anyone who has experience with the disease. It is sad to see this happen to him. The blame falls on the Democratic machine and his family for allowing this to occur. It may be time for him to step down, although the prospect of Harris taking over as president is not without its drawbacks.

Former President Donald Trump’s supporters should be wary of what they wish for, as a more qualified Democratic candidate could emerge and easily beat Trump. It is evident that the conceptions surrounding Biden’s presidency have been misleading, and that the idea of invoking the 25th amendment on Biden is a controversial one.

Throughout his career, Biden has been a compulsive liar. His cognitive abilities are in decline, as evidenced by his hazy storytelling and failure to remember certain facts. It is disturbing to think that he is in control of the nation’s military, and if he were to debate Trump in the 2024 election, his campaign could end abruptly.

If you haven’t viewed the 1968 Star Trek episode, “Patterns of Force,” please do so. It offers some valuable insight into the potential dangers of an incapacitated leader’s exploitation, and the real shadow government that could potentially take control.

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