Reflecting on the Legacy of Henry Kissinger, Former Secretary of State and Friend

A powerful & funny man

Henry Kissinger and I shared quiet moments.

Sept. 18, 2012, I reported — and I quote him exactly: “In 10 years there will be no more Israel.” In 2005 he told me: “We will be going to war with Iran.”

The hand that ruled the Western world is the hand that often stirred a good martini.

I’m remembering a Le Cirque buffet. It’s now gone. He’s now gone. Not gone is my memory of him bussing his own plate.

And his 70th birthday party in Morocco. And schlepping him to foot doctor Rock Positano when his dog, Amelia, needed treatment.

And at the showing of Princess Diana’s wardrobe: “Listen, I can’t wear those things at my age.”

He told me his “proudest moment.” “It was getting Jill St. John’s unlisted number.”

We’d quietly laugh. In ’85 as we ploughed through a revolving door, he whispered: “Pornography doesn’t do anything for me.”

He had opinions on everyone. 2008, Condoleezza Rice thought she’d maybe run with John McCain. He said: “Why? She’s just a staff person.” And: “American presidential alliances seem almost commonplace.”

Our last conversation? His birthday party in his living room. Last sighting? Few weeks ago when he, in a wheelchair, spoke at Cardinal Dolan’s fund-raising dinner.

Publicly Henry Kissinger made headlines. Privately he loved a good laugh.

This, that and some other stuff

Swag is already swinging in for Oscar, Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award voters.

Leslie Uggams and Tracee Ellis Ross, of “American Fiction,” sent a leather-bound notebook.

It included a memo about “donations to the Black Creatives Fund to support emerging, under-sourced young creators.”

Broadway’s waking up. British shows are already booking theaters. One musical — a redone rerun — was checking the theater that houses the just-opened “Harmony.”

Europes’s new heartthrob is the handsome, Brit-educated grandson of Indonesia’s late President Sukarno.

Kiran Seegers speaks five languages. Headed for college. His mom’s Karina Sukarno Seegers. At a coming out debutante ball, Princess Lissie Selassie with Harper Peck, grandson of Gregory Peck, and Olivia Ford Uzielli, daughter of Anne Ford (Henry Ford family), but the big get was Kiran.

Jammed up

Margo Catsimatidis’ birthday party in La Grenouille’s private upstairs room was same day TV announced “worst traffic in all the United States is New York City.”

VIPs who love John and Margo — some coming from as far as eight blocks away — spent hours getting there.

Christmas gridlock. The tree. Streets blocked off.

Arrivals took so long we nearly ran into (she wore spangled, low-cut, gold Balmain) Margo’s next birthday.

That was fast

Long Island can’t get its government together. Right away, whoever’s Anna Kaplan is looking to take over George Santos’ Botoxed behind.

She says, “I am battle tested. I ran for the senate. We have less than 90 days.” She says civilization must hurry up and send her the $50,000 she needs.

So many political investigations, indictments, allegations, so many pols and judges having to remove themselves from questions and trials — the only litigator left to preside over any future lawsuits could be Judge Judy.

But our city will be forever free from all that because — with our traffic — nobody could get to court.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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