Republicans blamed for anti-Semitic surge on the left by The New York Times

Campuses all over the country are filled with leftist protesters demanding action, with strong Democrats supporting some of the ugliest and most blatant anti-Semitism – however, The New York Times contends that it’s actually the Republicans who are the real anti-Semites and are just concealing it to gain a political advantage.

This is all detailed in a 3,500+ word piece that defends the anti-Zionist activists who are now prominent in the preferred political party of the newspaper.

The GOP is accused of embracing anti-Semitism by mainly critiquing George Soros.

Yes, that’s the actual argument made by The Times.

According to them, criticizing one of the wealthiest and most powerful individuals in the world for promoting policies that support groups associated with anti-Semitic beliefs is a cover for hidden anti-Semitism.

Therefore, as always, the Republicans are depicted as the villains.

The blame is shifted away from Khymani James, the protest leader at Columbia who declared that Zionists don’t deserve to live, and the students who are shouting hurtful remarks at Jews.

Also, the university administrators who support and protect the radical students, along with New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman, a supporter of YouTube conspiracy theories who previously denied the violent actions of Hamas, are not held accountable.

The Times statement, “Debate continues as to whether the left-wing protests are veiled or direct assaults on Jews,” regarding these incidents is quite questionable.

If a modern-day torchlight Nuremberg parade were taking place, the reporting would most likely read, “Debate continues as to whether the NSDAP protests are veiled or direct attacks on Jews.”

It’s clear that these modern-day anti-Semites (think tents, not torches) have communicated their message loud and clear.

Similarly, the president and his Cabinet have made their stance evident by actively working to undermine and isolate the Jewish state during their counterattack against Hamas.

The reasoning behind The Times’ narrative is quite straightforward: the campus protests are adversely impacting the president and his party, as a majority of Americans, irrespective of political affiliation, deplore Hamas and its supporters in the U.S.

In essence, the article is a desperate attempt to shift the blame away from Biden before the upcoming election.

However, this tactic is unlikely to succeed. Biden is now associated with the pro-Hamas factions within his party (or perhaps they have influence over him), and only a complete and public disavowal could alter this perception.

But it’s doubtful that such a disavowal will happen anytime soon.

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