Resolve the Ukraine aid dispute by providing loans to the country

Common sense is lacking, especially in Washington, D.C.

The career policymakers in President Biden’s team, much like those in the Obama administration, cling to old, unchallenged beliefs that have only led to failure.

One particular belief they fail to see the foolishness of is how we assist Ukraine.

Biden has been incredibly slow in providing Ukraine with the necessary weapons, prolonging the war and increasing casualties.

The outcome?

An internally divided nation and a failing effort abroad.

This does not have to be the case.

We can support Ukraine with the resources they need to achieve victory, all while serving America’s national and economic interests.

What we need are leaders with vision, recognizing problems for what they are and having the courage to reject failed “conventional wisdom” from Washington.

Fortunately, President Donald Trump has proposed a solution that can achieve just that.

Trump has introduced a sensible plan: providing Ukraine with military and economic assistance in the form of loans.

Under this plan, any future aid agreements would be conditional, rather than simply charitable.

The deal is straightforward: The United States will continue to support Ukraine, but the aid will be repaid, ensuring American taxpayers are not left with the burden once Ukraine has a chance to rebuild its economy.

Loans and loan guarantees have a proven history of success in American foreign assistance – and they can work for Ukraine.

Ukraine is a country with a promising future, given the opportunity.

The Ukrainian people don’t ask for handouts but for a chance to succeed and combat Russian aggression.

This plan accomplishes that; it is an agreement that every lawmaker, in fact, every American, can support.

We all should want to see Russian President Vladimir Putin defeated in Ukraine – Trump’s plan will make that happen.

There are countries that are unable to repay American support, but if this war has shown anything, it’s that Ukrainians are resilient, innovative, proud people who will rebuild and thrive.

This, it’s worth noting, is the kind of unconventional thinking that enabled Trump to keep America and the free world secure for four years.

And it is precisely what has been lacking under Biden.

Let’s take a moment to, as Biden’s officials like to say, “circle back.”

Let’s go back to a time when the world was safer.

When no one – including 13 American servicemembers – had died fleeing Afghanistan.

When Iran had not mobilized its proxy forces to attack American military bases.

When Hamas had not attacked Israel, resulting in over a thousand deaths.

When Putin had not invaded Ukraine, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths.

When Chinese President Xi Jinping wasn’t flying spy balloons over the American people.

And yes, when our European allies were closer to meeting their NATO spending commitments and in a better position to help deter Putin.

This was not luck. It was not a coincidence.

For four years, Trump and our administration were able to prevent these events by establishing a model of deterrence based on common-sense principles that kept our enemies at bay.

We didn’t pay ransom.

We didn’t provide aid to terrorists.

We enforced border laws.

During that time, America’s enemies respected American strength, feared American retaliation, and understood that cooperation, not provocation or hostility, was the best path forward.

American presidents had advocated for this deterrence model in the past, but it took Trump to revitalize it.

Now, it’s gone.

Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro are all still present and dedicated to creating a world that goes against the American way of life.

If you need proof, just look at the last four years.

Biden has put America in a defensive position, giving our adversaries an advantage.

He has shown incompetence in leading America amidst these increasing threats.

He hasn’t kept America secure.

Trump’s plan to assist Ukraine through loans is a reminder of why he was a successful president.

In November, Americans should remember that four years ago, America was wealthier, safer, and more powerful than it is today thanks to that same leadership.

Mike Pompeo served as secretary of state from 2018 to 2021.

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