Russia Must Withdraw From Ukraine, Not Just Focus on Reducing Emissions

What an unbelievable idiot: Biden “climate envoy” John Kerry actually said that if Russia makes “a greater effort to reduce emissions,” it might “open up the door for people to feel better about what Russia is choosing to do” in its barbaric war to conquer Ukraine.

Kerry’s always been a self-regarding twit, but this might be the dumbest thing any politician has said in decades (and the competition is stiff).

Vladimir Putin has proved time and again that he holds all civilized norms in utter contempt; oil and gas exports are all that keep his economy afloat.

John Kerry claimed that people would "feel better" about Russia if the country made an effort to reduce emissions.
John Kerry claimed that people would “feel better” about Russia if the country made an effort to reduce emissions. AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Why in God’s name would he heed the ninny braying of Kerry and the West’s climate obsessives?

We bet he used the last white paper Kerry sent him to wipe his butt.

The former secratary of State’s braindead remarks came less than a day after a Russian missile came within 700 feet of taking out Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who’d just finished meeting in Odesa.

Kerry added, “We need every country, including Russia” to fight climate change.

Maybe it’s past time to realize you’re never going to get Russia or China on board, and come up with a practical plan?

Of course, then Kerry couldn’t justify constantly taking private jets across the world to “fight for climate.”

Putin and China’s Xi Jinping may pretend to take the American clown seriously in hopes of winning some US concessions on other issues, but that’s it.

They don’t intend to partner with America on anything except our defeat as a superpower rival: To them, the “existential threat” isn’t global warming, it’s us.

Thing is, Kerry’s hopelessly naive words likely reflect what’s said, and believed, behind closed doors across the Biden administration: He wouldn’t talk this way in public unless it’s how discussions go with his fellow top officials.

The only silver lining here is that Kerry’s stepped down as “climate envoy” to help out with President Biden’s re-election campaign.

At least there he’ll only be inflicting his pompous foolishness on his fellow Democrats.

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