Sending well wishes for Kate Middleton as she continues to bring grace and elegance to the monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II famously described 1992 as “an annus horribilis” — and she said it before her son and heir, then Prince Charles, separated from Diana that December.

This year’s first quarter isn’t even over, but it’s safe to say this will rank as another annus horribilis for the British royal family.

King Charles III, 75, was diagnosed with cancer in January, barely more than a year into his reign. His son and heir Prince William’s wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales, 42, that month underwent an unnamed abdominal surgery so serious that she’ll be out of commission past Easter.

Not seen at a public engagement since Christmas, she finally ended the frenzy of speculation Friday, announcing via video the “huge shock” that she has cancer and is undergoing preventative chemotherapy.

Let’s hope these things don’t come in threes — this is already more than any family should have to bear.

The thinner-than-usual princess shared the news with her usual warm grace, though she clearly found it difficult.

She reminded us she’s always seemed meant to be queen.

The prince fell for Kate at university when she wore a sheer dress in a fashion show.

But that beginning belies the steady, classy nature of the woman who’s never embarrassed a family that’s full of embarrassments.

Just take the late queen’s very bad year.

Besides a fire in Windsor Castle that caused major damage, 1992 saw Prince Andrew separate from his wife Sarah, with published photographs showing a paramour sucking the topless duchess’ toes; Princess Anne’s divorce; and publication of Andrew Morton’s tell-all book “Diana: Her True Story,” which revealed an ugly marriage that included Charles’ yearslong affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Kate brought back some needed reliability and respectability to the House of Windsor.

She’d never seen a scandal until this month’s Photoshop fail.

The press hasn’t always been kind to her, contra Meghan Markle’s claims.

Once she graduated and moved to London, the paparazzi set up permanent residence outside her flat.

With William taking his sweet time to make the smartest decision of his life, the media dubbed her “Waity Katie” — with headlines using the merciless moniker for years.

But once the wait was over, Kate was the perfect princess.

Always a kind word for a child, a proper greeting of a foreign diplomat — and, yes, a beautiful elegance.

She’s been a model member of the monarchy, always charming, always using her position to do good.

She was the brains behind the Heads Together campaign she launched with William and Harry to reduce the stigma around mental health, which is said to have encouraged 1 million people to talk about their difficulties.

The Sussexes spent the pandemic focused on making millions.

Kate served with the Royal Voluntary Service, among other things making comforting calls to an 85-year-old caregiver to a wife with Alzheimer’s.

Even as she shared the news she would have preferred to keep private, she thought of others.

“For everyone facing this disease, in whatever form, please do not lose faith or hope. You are not alone,” she said, staring straight at the camera.

Get well soon, Catherine.

The world needs you.

Kelly Jane Torrance is The Post’s op-ed editor.

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