Speaker Mike Johnson’s successful push for Ukraine aid is cause for celebration!

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Speaker Mike Johnson is commended for his commitment to bring a vote on military assistance for Ukraine when the House reconvenes on April 9, despite opposition from some Republicans.

Johnson plans to advocate for increased aid to Ukraine, which is currently in urgent need of ammunition and faces significant challenges in its fight against Russia.

In addition, Johnson proposed alternative methods to fund the aid, such as using the assets seized from Russian oligarchs and providing loans to Ukraine that would be repaid at a later time.

Both options seem reasonable, as does direct aid to Ukraine.

It is important to note that most funding for Ukraine ultimately benefits American companies that supply military equipment to Kyiv.

Ukraine, a crucial ally, requires weapons and supplies to effectively resist Russian aggression, which has been demonstrated in the past.

Preventing Russia from annexing Ukraine is crucial, as it could embolden Vladimir Putin and lead to a wider conflict, potentially involving the United States.

A majority of Americans (60%, according to an Associated Press-NORC poll) believe that the amount of aid provided to Ukraine by Washington is appropriate or insufficient for its defense efforts.

Despite this, some Republicans are either unaware of the threat posed by Russia or do not see the value in stopping Russian aggression, even though the proposed $60 billion aid package is less than 1% of the federal budget.

If cost is the concern, what is the opposition to providing loans that Ukraine can repay later or using confiscated Russian assets for aid?

Certain GOP members are attempting to leverage Ukraine aid for political gain and have even targeted Speaker Johnson for his support of aid funding.

However, these efforts have failed, and the situation in Ukraine continues to worsen.

Democrats have the opportunity to stand against GOP extremism and prioritize national security over politics by supporting Speaker Johnson’s efforts to pass the aid package swiftly.

If they fail to do so, it will be clear that political interests have trumped the importance of providing aid to Ukraine.

Given the significant stakes involved, there is no valid reason to delay the passage of the aid package. It should be done ASAP.

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