The prevalence of antisemitism and DEI requirements reveal institutional decay in American universities

Student expenses in college are not primarily for education anymore.

A study conducted by pro-First Amendment group Speech First revealed that 165 out of 248 US colleges mandate DEI-related classes for graduation.

The research included the nation’s 100 largest-enrollment universities, top-ranked schools, all of NCAA Division 1, and colleges with endowments exceeding $1 billion.

At nearly two-thirds of these institutions, students are required to complete at least one course centered around divisive leftist ideology in order to earn their degrees.

While diversity, equity, and inclusion are important values, the DEI approach involves segregating individuals based on racial, sexual, and political characteristics, creating a rigid framework that categorizes students as either the ‘oppressor’ or the ‘oppressed,’ as mentioned in the report.

The DEI doctrine opposes diversity in opinions, equal opportunities, and inclusion of critical thinking.

Schools that require even a single DEI course usually integrate such ideologies into various other classes, including Critical Race Theory.

A students who is independent-minded and discerning can try to limit exposure to this ideology during their four years, but it’s much easier to go along with the mainstream.

The Anti-Defamation League’s recent “Campus Antisemitism Report Card” revealed that only two out of 85 reviewed universities (Brandeis University in Massachusetts and Elon University in North Carolina) are effectively combating anti-Jewish prejudice to receive an A grade.

Thirteen schools, including Harvard and MIT, received failing grades. Columbia and Cornell got Ds, while NYU received a C.

DEI and antisemitism are closely linked, as DEI categorizes Jews as privileged/oppressors, and campus antisemitism is predominantly driven by left-wing ideologies claiming that Israel is a “settler-colonialist” entity.

Majority of US universities have been taken over by radicals prioritizing ideology over genuine education, diverting a significant portion of escalating tuition fees towards administrators dedicated to DEI and other forms of thought control.

It’s no surprise that a majority of Americans do not consider a college degree worth the cost.

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