Trade professions on the rise as college attendance declines for the ‘toolbelt generation’

The higher-education industry is facing challenges in the current decade.

Some issues are evident: Colleges and universities have lost their allure due to wokeness and campus unrest.

They advocate to “follow the science,” but then present contradicting ideas, such as men being able to get pregnant.

Violent antisemitic riots and weak responses from university administrations have tarnished their reputation.

The saying goes, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make ridiculous.” Indeed, the mission is accomplished!

Additionally, the economic aspect is troubling: College was once meant to lead to a good job, but current job prospects for college graduates are not as promising while tuition costs have risen significantly compared to wages.

Joe Biden is trying to gain votes through student loan forgiveness plans, reflecting the diminishing value of college degrees.

Graduates entering the workforce face uncertainty and foreign competition, with the threat of outsourcing and AI taking over some job roles.

As competition from AI increases, job security becomes more precarious for white-collar workers.

Looking ahead, the younger generation must consider alternative paths in the trades industry where layoffs and AI are less of a threat.

While college education seems to be losing appeal, vocational programs are seeing increased enrollment with more young individuals opting for skilled trades over traditional college routes.

Workers in the trades are in high demand and offer stable income without the burden of significant student debt.

As more young people explore trade programs instead of pursuing higher education, the shift is reshaping the workforce landscape.

America’s working class, historically neglected, is finding new opportunities in the trades industry, offering a path to prosperity without the need for a college degree.

As the narrative around college education shifts, the value of skilled trades is gaining recognition for providing stable and lucrative career paths.

While the “college experience” may have once held cultural significance, the current climate of universities raises questions about the value of a traditional college education.

Barack Obama’s suggestion to consider the trades as a viable career option is gaining traction, signaling a shift away from the traditional college pathway.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the trades industry offers viable career options for those seeking stability and success without the burden of student debt.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds is a professor of law at the University of Tennessee and founder of the InstaPundit.com blog.

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