West’s privileged youths celebrate terror organizations for entertainment

Elica Le Bon, a lawyer and activist of Iranian-American descent, gained popularity on TikTok for discussing how young Americans are being influenced to support Hamas terrorists and misogynistic Ayatollahs in Iran. She elaborates on her views for The Post.

Since October 7, myself and others in the Iranian community have been concerned about the growing support among Westerners for the Islamic Republic, as highlighted in recent events.

It began with a nonchalant attitude towards supporting Hamas, followed by misguided praise for the actions of the Houthi rebels in the Red Sea attacks, and eventually vocal approval for Hezbollah’s aggression against Israel.

These actions signify growing support for Iran’s main proxies among Westerners, with some even calling for the Iranian ayatollahs to attack Israel.

TikTok talking points

This trend of romanticizing violence and theocratic regimes is concerning, especially when it comes from self-proclaimed “leftists” and “progressives” who turn a blind eye to the real consequences of their actions.

Through this lens, it becomes clear that these individuals are disconnected from the true hardships faced by people in the Middle East, and instead glorify violence and conflict for their own thrill.

It’s essential to acknowledge the suffering and oppression endured by those in the Middle East and work towards peaceful resolutions that prioritize human lives over political agendas.

The deadly reality

The people of the Middle East, including Israelis and Palestinians, are tired of the violence and suffering that Western “leftists” seem to find exciting. We strive for a future free from theocratic oppression and terrorism, where peace and coexistence are possible.

We urge those who support these regimes and ideologies to reconsider their stance and stand with us in promoting peace, freedom, and democracy for all.

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