White House refers to Joe Biden as a ‘Big Boy’ in charge

You can see Joe Biden’s decline by the way he is spoken about with infantilizing language by those around him. 

White House press secretaries John Kirby and Karine Jean-Pierre repeatedly referred to the president’s press conference as a “Big Boy press conference.” This condescending term for an 81-year-old commander-in-chief reflects his deteriorating state.

Despite efforts to hide Biden’s cognitive decline, his closest associates unintentionally reveal the truth by using similar language and tones as caregivers do with dementia patients. 

Jill Biden also displayed a patronizing attitude towards her husband after the debate, treating him like a child by praising his performance in a sing-song voice. 

Nancy Pelosi further contributed to this infantilization by showering Biden with extravagant praise for his “spectacular” performance at the NATO summit on a TV show she knew he would watch. 

This type of language, known as “elderspeak,” is demoralizing and insulting to adults with cognitive issues, yet it is a common response when faced with elderly individuals experiencing decline. 

Researchers now view this as abusive, as it diminishes the older person’s self-confidence. 

It must be embarrassing for Biden to be treated this way in public by his own wife and staff, even if he is only vaguely aware of it. 

As Democrats scramble to salvage the situation and avoid losing the November election, concerns about the country’s safety with a cognitively impaired president at the helm have also emerged. 

George Clooney recently admitted that Biden displayed signs of cognitive decline at a fundraiser, suggesting that the truth is finally coming out despite attempts to cover it up. 

Even former Obama allies are now issuing veiled threats to Biden, urging him to step down before his image is tarnished further. 

Despite these revelations, Democrats continue to prioritize winning the election over addressing the risks associated with a president in decline. 

While it may be satisfying to see the Democrats face the consequences of their deception, victory in November is not guaranteed, especially with concerns about potential cheating to secure votes from illegal aliens. 

The Save Act, a Republican bill requiring proof of citizenship to vote in federal elections, was aggressively opposed by Democrats, indicating a desire to allow illegal voting practices. 

As the political landscape continues to shift, the American people are becoming more aware of the truth behind Biden’s presidency and the efforts to conceal his cognitive decline for political gain. 

Eyes on November

Though the Democrats may face backlash for their actions, the true test will come in November as the nation decides its future path. 

It remains to be seen how these revelations will impact the upcoming election and whether the American people will hold their leaders accountable for their deceitful actions. 

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