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Leave the Weights Behind and Hit the Pavement

Exercise that involves movement, rather than just resistance training, is essential for reducing cardiovascular disease risk.

Pumping iron, using machine weights, and doing pushups may build muscle, but for a healthy heart, activities like running, swimming, and dancing are key.

A recent study with 406 overweight or obese participants found that aerobic exercises are more effective than stationary resistance training for health and longevity. The best exercises for cardiovascular disease prevention involve movement, deeper breathing, and increased heart rate.

Researchers at Iowa State University compared different exercise regimens to determine the most effective one for preventing cardiovascular disease. They found that resistance training alone did not significantly improve cardiovascular risk profiles, unlike aerobic exercises or a combination of resistance and aerobic activities.

The Study

The study involved participants aged 35 to 70 with high blood pressure. They were divided into three exercise groups and engaged in one-hour sessions three times a week for a year. The control group did not participate in any exercise regimen.

At the end of the study, both the aerobic exercise group and the resistance-aerobic combination group showed improvements in their cardiovascular risk profiles compared to the control group. However, the resistance training group alone did not experience significant improvements.

The researchers concluded that “aerobic exercise alone or combined resistance plus aerobic exercise, but not resistance exercise alone, improved composite CVD risk profile.” The study was published in the European Heart Journal.

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Regular aerobic exercise improved factors such as body mass index, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. While aerobic exercises are crucial for cardiovascular disease prevention, resistance training is beneficial for preventing muscle wasting and reducing mortality risks from various causes, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and respiratory problems.A 2023 study also supported the positive effects of weight training on muscle wasting.

It’s important to choose exercises that you enjoy to prevent quitting. While aerobic exercises play a significant role in preventing cardiovascular disease, other factors like diet, stress management, sleep hygiene, and detoxification are also crucial for overall health and well-being.

Exercise–One Part of Holistic Health

Exercise, along with nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset, is key to wellness. Stress, hormone imbalances, infections, and toxins are root causes of sickness, and these factors should be considered in addition to physical activity for optimal health.

Aerobic exercises not only help prevent cardiovascular disease but also support lung detoxification. Increased breathing during exercise aids in weight loss and improves cardiovascular health. Therefore, exercises that enhance breathing can lead to better health outcomes.

Overall, a holistic approach to health that includes exercise, proper nutrition, stress management, and detoxification is essential for preventing diseases and maintaining overall well-being.

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