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Actress Selma Blair apologizes for making Islamophobic comment, citing legal issues from “Legally Blonde” career | Global News

Actress Selma Blair from Legally Blonde has issued an apology for a social media post that was criticized as Islamophobic and caused harm to many people.

The 51-year-old had responded to a post by Abraham Hamra, a supporter of immigration reform, who had criticized Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush for voting against a measure banning anyone who took part in the 7 October attack on Israel from immigrating to the US.

Blair had previously posted a comment, which has since been deleted and received strong criticism, saying “Deport all these terrorist supporting goons. Islam has destroyed Muslim countries and then they come here and destroy minds. They know they are liars. Twisted justifications. May they meet their fate.”

In her apology on Instagram, Blair acknowledged her mistake and expressed regret, promising to “do better”. She admitted to conflating Muslims with Radical Islamists and fundamentalists, and recognized the hurt caused by her words.

Blair also mentioned how hate and misinformation can easily be amplified, and how she erred in her writing, contributing to the upset in the Muslim community. She apologized to the Muslim community, her friends, and anyone she hurt, and promised to do better in the future.

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She also emphasized the importance of learning how words matter in a time of great pain and anguish around the world, referring to the intense bombardment of Gaza by Israel following the 7 October attacks by Hamas.

International calls for an end to the war have been made, with Israel reportedly poised to attack the southern city of Rafah, where more than a million Palestinians are believed to be sheltering.

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