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Angels and Dodgers Surrender to the LGBTQ Industry

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In recent local news, both Anaheim’s mayor, Ashleigh Aitken, and the Los Angeles Dodgers extended invitations to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to participate in Pride Night at their respective stadiums in June. The problem with these invitations is that the Sisters aren’t genuine sisters at all. Most are biological males posing as female “nuns.”

These “sisters” promote an anti-religious agenda by mocking people of faith and also berating the timeless definition of male and female. Just the name of the group makes one pause. What enters your mind when you hear or see the words perpetual indulgence? Most would interpret these words to mean always doing whatever one pleases regardless of the consequences to oneself or others.

For some in the transgender community, this has included the simulation of sexual acts in public, inappropriate drag queen shows in front of children at places such as churches, libraries, and schools, as well as preying on impressionable young minds. While most people don’t expect saintly behavior from others, they do share public standards. All human beings are flawed, but most folks attempt to embrace common decency and dignity with the help of divine grace. Not all trans folks carry out these degrading activities, but many do.

By contrast, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy are legitimate Catholic Sisters who devote their lives to helping others without expecting anything in return. They freely take vows of obedience, poverty, and purity and set a down-to-earth example of selfless service toward humanity.

Unfortunately, professional sports has caved to a shrill minority that hopes to dictate the terms of the current culture. Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the NBA, NFL, and NHL have all attempted to appease the trans industrial complex to avoid being called an array of derogatory terms.

Those who question trans dystopian behavior on moral grounds are targeted as anti-diversity and anti-inclusive. But it has nothing to do with diversity or inclusion, as America is already a large tent.

Common sense Americans are fed up with strident groups that make demands, play the victim card, and are never satisfied with demanding more special rights. Trans activists already have certain clothing lines, flags, and parades to display in public, but enough is never enough. They want to coerce an immoral agenda into every key institution in our society, instead of promoting pride in our country and in authentic virtues.

Anyone with a shred of situational awareness sees this trend unfolding in business, education, entertainment, government, the media, and sports. Key players will have to learn the hard way. When conscientious Americans lose their patience and are ignored by the elites that run large organizations, people will vote with their wallets and start to pull the plug on tone-deaf companies and sports franchises.

We have already witnessed this reality with the woke marketing debacles with Budweiser and Target’s trans clothing line. Most folks don’t want to hear about or view audio or silent lectures on trans activism related to a particular product or service. They just want to experience good products without political virtue signaling.

Bud Light sales and its stock price have gone into a tailspin. When will they ever learn? We have seen the same results with other companies that have been blinded to the needs of the majority of their customers or shareholders.

Companies or sports teams that attempt to go woke might not go completely broke, but they will likely experience a major downturn in their fan base, reputation, and sales. Institutions are supposed to be in business to meet the needs of most consumers, not to cater to an uncivil minority that goes ballistic whenever its ridiculous demands aren’t met. Wake up corporations! Don’t sleepwalk as you strive to join the woke crowd.

In these turbulent times, institutional leaders need to develop fortitude in order to resist the irrational clamor of anarchy and do what is best for the country’s tradition of responsible liberty. When we visualize pride flags and parades, let us focus on pride for the American flag and our founding traditions. We can march to the tune of “God Bless America,” and celebrate our unique exceptionalism as a beacon of moral principles in a struggling world.

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