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Donald Trump to Newsmax: Durham Report ‘Great Vindication’

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Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday told told Newsmax that the release of the Durham Report offers some substantial “vindication” for him at long last — and some evidence of “treason” by perpetrators of the Russia collusion hoax. 

“That’s been very obvious to me for a long time,” Trump told Tuesday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “I would tell you, it’s a great vindication. It feels good. The report has been, you know, wildly praised.

“I wish it would have come faster, but the detail he went into – 308 pages – the detail is extraordinary. I guess you could call it treason, you could call it a lot of different things, but this should never be allowed to happen in our country again.”

Trump denounced the deep state forces that worked to put the “cloud” over his campaign and administration, saying blaming Russia for election interference was laundered and pedaled by Democrats.

“There is a deep state,” Trump said. “There are a lot of problems, and I did a lot of firing, but it goes down very low, when you look at it.”

Hillary Clinton created the Russia hoax to excuse her loss, Trump added.

“Let’s blame it on Russia,” Trump said of Clinton’s campaign. “Somehow, somebody came up with the idea, let’s blame her loss on Russia.”

Trump lamented “the fake news started picking it up” and ultimately refused to let it go.

“It ended up going 2½ years and they made the most of it. It’s a disgrace, but this was really an excuse for why she lost the election and she blamed it on Russia. It’s very sad, very bad for our country.”


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