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Miss Teen USA relinquishes crown shortly after Miss USA steps down | US News

Miss Teen USA has decided to relinquish her crown, just a couple of days after Miss USA also stepped down to focus on her mental well-being.

UmaSofia Srivastava, aged 17, announced her resignation from the position citing a misalignment of personal values with the organization’s direction.

She expressed her gratitude for the support received from her family, state directors, sister queens, and fans since winning her state title.

Reflecting on her time as Miss NJ Teen USA, she mentioned the fulfilling experience of representing her state as a Mexican-Indian American on a national platform.

She was crowned in September 2023.

Her announcement followed Miss USA Noelia Voigt’s decision to step down to prioritize her mental health, urging others to do the same.

UmaSofia affirmed her commitment to advocating for education and acceptance, highlighting her work with charities and her children’s book, The White Jaguar, as her true purpose.

She looks forward to completing high school and applying for university.

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In an Instagram post, Miss Teen USA stated: “We fully support UmaSofia’s decision to step down from her responsibilities.

“The well-being of our titleholders remains a top priority.”

The pageant is currently planning for the handover of duties to a successor.

Efforts are underway to fill the vacated positions of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

Noelia Voigt, aged 24, expressed the meaningfulness of her journey as Miss USA but made the difficult choice to resign.

She emphasized the importance of prioritizing mental health, advocating for oneself and others, and facing the future fearlessly, even in uncertainty.

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