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Offbeat News: Bear Finds Refreshing Relief in Jacuzzi During Southern California Heatwave

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With one paw resting casually on the side of the pool, a bear looked quite at home as he cooled his furry frame in a backyard jacuzzi during a summer heatwave in Southern California.

Responding to a call, police in the city of Burbank found the unexpected visitor taking a refreshing dip.

After a short bathe, the bear climbed over a wall and headed for a tree.

They released a video of the animal in the residential neighbourhood, which is about 10 miles (16km) north of Los Angeles, near the Verdugo Mountains.

Police have warned homeowners to avoid bears and to keep all rubbish and food locked up to discourage the animals from approaching their properties.

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The unusual encounter came as the state and rest of the US Southwest bakes in prolonged high temperatures, although there are signs the scorching weather is beginning to abate, with chances of cooling monsoon thunderstorms.

Just as in countries across the Mediterranean, firefighters have been battling wildfires in California.

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