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Over 300K Immigrants Have Temporary Legal Status Extended

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the extension of the Temporary Protected Status of over 300,000 immigrants on Tuesday. The move rescinds the Trump administration’s termination of the TPS program.

The Biden administration’s action impacts immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Nepal.

“Today’s actions are relevant to the litigation challenging the now-rescinded terminations,” said a statement from the DHS. “As always, DHS closely monitors conditions around the world to assess whether new TPS designations are warranted.”

“Soon-to-be-published Federal Register notices will explain the eligibility criteria, timelines, and procedures necessary for current beneficiaries to re-register for TPS and renew their Employment Authorization Documents (EADs).”

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said, “Through the extension of Temporary Protected Status, we are able to offer continued safety and protection to current beneficiaries who are nationals of El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal, and Nicaragua who are already present in the United States and cannot return because of the impacts of environmental disasters. We will continue to offer support to them through this temporary form of humanitarian relief.”

The Hill noted Tuesday that for those TPS immigrants from El Salvador, the extension runs from Sept. 10, 2023, through March 9, 2025. It will permit about 239,000 immigrants to re-register to retain their TPS. For TPS immigrants from Honduras, the extension runs from Jan. 6, 2024, through July 5, 2025, and will allow about 76,000 immigrants to re-register to retain TPS

Those TPS immigrants from Nepal will have an extension from Dec. 25, 2023, through June 24, 2025, and will allow 14,500 immigrants to re-register. TPS immigrants from Nicaragua will have an extension from Jan. 6, 2024, through July 5, 2025, and will allow about 4,000 immigrants to re-register.

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