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Poll: Most Asian Americans Favor Homeland, Not Chinese Americans

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A new Pew Research poll of over 7,000 Asian Americans from various nations revealed that while most Asian Americans view their homeland favorably, Chinese Americans do not.

Generally, Asian Americans have positive feelings toward their ancestral homelands, except for Chinese Americans, of whom only 41% view mainland China favorably.

According to the poll, about 4 in 10 “Chinese Americans see China in a positive light, and around a third (35%) see the country unfavorably. Roughly a fifth say they have a neither favorable nor unfavorable view of China. Chinese adults stand out for being one of the few origin groups that rate other Asian places more favorably than their own place of origin — more Chinese Americans say they have positive views of Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea than China.”

Indian Americans displayed the starkest difference, with 76% having favorable views of India, compared to just 23% of other Asian Americans. Respondents’ political affiliations had little impact on their views of China, unlike the U.S. general public.

All in all, despite mixed views of their ancestral nations, Asian Americans generally expressed optimism toward the United States, with 78% holding favorable views.

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