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Rep. Sessions to Newsmax: Hunter Biden Got ‘Sweetheart Deal’

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U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, told Newsmax on Tuesday that Hunter Biden received favorable treatment from the Department of Justice when they reached a plea deal that will keep President Joe Biden’s son from serving time in prison.

As part of the agreement, Hunter Biden will plead guilty to misdemeanor tax offenses and admit to illegally possessing a weapon following his 2018 purchase of a handgun. As part of that admission, he would enter a diversion program, and if he meets the conditions of the program, the gun charge would be removed from his record.

“This is a sweetheart inside deal with the Department of Justice that is politically motivated and politically based,” Sessions told “American Agenda.” “Anyone else that would be in this circumstance would have been dragged through the mud, would have been on the front page of the paper.”

Sessions is a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, which has been investigating the president and his family over alleged influence peddling schemes. He said this only happened because Republicans in the House and Senate and many Americans have escalated pressure on the DOJ, which has been investigating Hunter Biden over these charges since 2018.

“This only happened because of Republicans in the Senate, Republicans in the House, and people who are average American citizens, who recognized that this took five years longer than it should have,” Sessions said. “We’ve endured lies from the president. We’ve endured lies from major TV news networks about what was and what was not happening.”

Sessions said the timing of the plea deal has nothing to do with former President Donald Trump recently being indicted on 37 counts regarding his handling of classified documents.

“This is something they were forced into, and this committee will figure out more things that they have been evading, dragging their feet on, or hoping that the timeframes would move past them,” Sessions said. “But the inside information that the Department of Justice has will soon be known, and we will find out that they have not, I believe, treated this as fairly as they perhaps should have.”


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