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Rev. Franklin Graham to Newsmax: Biden Admin Ignoring ‘Major Crisis’ at Border

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Evangelist and missionary Rev. Franklin Graham told Newsmax on Tuesday that the Biden administration is ignoring the “major crisis” at the southern border.

“Whether in Chicago or New York, this is a major crisis, and this administration is ignoring it, but I don’t understand why,” Graham told “The Record with Greta Van Susteren.”

During his appearance, Graham, who heads the international Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse, talked about the work he and his organization are doing to help communities in Colombia as well as those in rural Mississippi, which recently experienced a devastating tornado that ripped apart a slate of homes in the area.

“We’re working in Colombia, which is a long way away from our border,” Graham said. “I don’t blame people wanting to come to the United States — trying to find a better way to life. I don’t blame them for trying. But we need to have a legal process for this.

“We are feeding people down there,” he continued. “We’re not helping people cross the border. We’re not aiding illegal immigration. We don’t do that. But I do have compassion for the little children and the moms and dads that are trying to … better their life.”

Graham said that he’s also working in Amory, Rolling Fork, and Silver City, Mississippi, to replace the homes people lost during a tornado that ripped through Mississippi on March 24.

According to Graham, the homes his organization are building stand as “a kind of a super-mobile home,” which “have bigger walls” and can withstand “winds up to 110 miles per hour.” He noted that the homes are built “free of charge” to the prospective occupants.


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