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Sen. Tuberville to Newsmax: ‘The Cartels Are Running Our Borders Now’

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“The cartels are running our borders now,” Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R) told Newsmax while discussing the border crisis on “John Bachman Now” on Tuesday. “It’s not Joe Biden. It’s not the Democrat Party. It’s not the American people. It’s not the Border Patrol. The cartels are running it. They’re controlling it every day. It’s a disaster. It’s a crisis.”

“This is the thing that is going to affect [the] United States more than anything,” Tuberville continued, “and it’s going to affect us for a long time. and again, it’s all for a reason. It’s all for votes.

“[Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro] Mayorkas has lied about this the whole time. … You know, they sent 1,500 troops down there, to make sure they get them in quicker. That’s all they did. We need 15,000 down there with guns to help keep them out.”

Mayorkas previously said on CNN that the number of encounters along the southern U.S. border has dropped by half since Title 42 COVID restrictions were lifted last week. However, he cautioned that it’s “too early” to tell whether the migrant surge has peaked.

Newsmax also asked for Tuberville’s insight regarding the just-released Durham Report into alleged collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The senator, visibly upset, called it “a shame” that people don’t go to jail based on the report’s findings.

“There is a whole list of people that lied about this [Russian collusion],” he said. “There are some congresspeople that lied about this.”

“If people don’t go to jail for this, the American people should just stand up and say, ‘Listen, enough’s enough. Let’s not have elections anymore,” he added. “It is what it is. I hate that it’s happened.”

Newsmax turned to the subject of crime with Tuberville who, along with nearly 40 Republican senators, just introduced the Back the Blue Act. The bill is intended to increase penalties for criminals who target law enforcement officers, and to provide new tools for officers to protect themselves.

Citing “woke D.A.s” and “Democrats who are wanting to defund the police more and more” as contributing factors, Tuberville said, “Crime is a huge problem in this country. I feel bad for the people in the inner cities because it is getting worse and worse, but now it’s spreading out to the suburban areas. … We have to support the police. And if somebody affects the police and their duty, or harms a policeman, it has to be a mandatory sentence where they go to jail.

“We can’t leave it up to these woke D.A.s, because they’re not going to do anything,” he said. “The American people have to take our country back, and it starts through our police and cutting back on crime.”


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