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‘Sound of Freedom’ Adds Theaters for Fourth Weekend in Row

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“Sound of Freedom” continues to surprise, appearing on more than 4,000 screens as the number of theaters showing the hit film continues to climb for the fourth consecutive weekend.

Despite its difficult subject matter, the independent film from Angel Studios continues to dominate the summer box office, as total domestic box office revenues surge past $130 million and the movie plays in 3,411 theaters entering its fourth weekend.

“Everyone in the industry knows that films are generally supposed to lose screens week-over-week, not add them,” Brandon Purdie, Angel Studios’ head of theatrical distribution, said in a news release. “And yet, the incredible word-of-mouth driving SOUND OF FREEDOM continues to spread. In response, we are continuing to expand our offering in theaters this weekend. Our theatrical partners have stepped up in a huge way to allow for more people to see the film.”

The movie has added 777 theaters to its run since opening on the Fourth of July.

“Sound of Freedom,” starring Jim Caviezel and Mira Sorvino, is based on the true story of Tim Ballard (played by Caviezel), who quit his job as a U.S. Homeland Security agent to rescue children held captive by sex traffickers.

Addressing rumors of sabotage two weeks ago, Angel Studios jumped to the defense of AMC Theaters, calling the company “an outstanding partner.”

“We understand there are rumors — predominantly in social media — that AMC theaters have made it difficult for fans to see SOUND OF FREEDOM in local AMC theaters, and we want to make it clear these rumors are not accurate,” Purdie said.

The studio asked fans to “support AMC” and all of its theatrical partners.

“Summer is the busiest season for people working in theaters, so we ask that anyone attending a screening of SOUND OF FREEDOM show kindness to their local theater staff,” Purdie said. “We have the best movie fans in the business. Let’s continue to show theaters the love that Angel supporters are known for.”

Conspiracy theories had circulated that AMC theaters had been interfering with screenings of the movie, with Forbes reporting that theories of “shutting off air conditioning, evacuating the theater or refunding tickets” had gone viral among “right-wing social media users.”

AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron spoke out against the rumors on Twitter, writing, “Sadly, conspiracy theorists are so prevalent in America. So much garbage information is spread. More than ONE MILLION people have watched ‘Sound of Freedom’ at AMC Theatres. More than at any other theatre chain on the planet. Yet people falsely claim otherwise. It is so bizarre.”

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