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US ambassador to the UK warns that Russia will continue aggression in Ukraine even after winning the war

Russia will not stop if it wins the war in Ukraine, the US ambassador to the UK has told Sky News.

Speaking to Sky News presenter Kay Burley from her official residence in central London last week, Jane Hartley said she is “optimistic” that the US will release more funding for Ukraine, but said “anybody who thinks that Russia may stop after this, I think is wrong”.

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“I was ambassador (to France and Monaco) in 2014, and I saw what happened in Crimea. I don’t know why anybody would say, ‘oh this is it for Russia‘,” she said.

“Democracy, I think, is at stake. So we need to support Ukraine.”

Ms Hartley added that “these are difficult days” after Burley asked if she felt an atmosphere “almost comparable” to that last seen before the Second World War.

She then said that “we want to do everything we can to make sure Ukraine is still a strong democracy and that Russia loses this war”.

US ambassador Jane Hartley speaks to Kay Burley
US ambassador Jane Hartley speaks to Kay Burley

‘Not done that well’ on Gaza

The ambassador spoke about Israel’s war on Hamas, saying the humanitarian situation in Gaza “is also terrifying”.

“We believe Israel has a right to defend itself,” she said. “They were attacked. It was a terrorist attack.

“But we believe how they do it is critically important. And that’s why you see Tony Blinken (secretary of state) in the region as much as he is, it’s not just Tony Blinken, it’s our head of CIA, it’s Bill Burns, it’s so many other of our diplomats.

“Because what we want in the end is a situation where Israel feels safe, where there is security and where we can get to a two-state solution where Palestine has economic growth, economic prosperity, hope for its young people. We have not done that well, frankly.”

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Ms Hartley also said “no children should ever have to go through” starvation, and that “humanitarian aid has to get in” to Gaza.

Backing Biden

Ms Hartley – a Democrat appointed by the president – also backed Joe Biden as “the best candidate” in the upcoming presidential election.

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Ms Hartley – appointed by the president – also backed Joe Biden as ‘the best candidate’

“I’m a friend. I’m a fan. I’ve known the president for many, many, many years. But all you have to do is look at his record and see where he has brought our country,” she said.

She also defended the president’s cognitive abilities, saying “he has not only ability, but he has a sense of history”.

‘We deeply care’ about Kate

Speaking after picture agencies pulled a picture of the Princess of Wales, the ambassador said: “I want her to know that we are thinking about her, that we care deeply about her.

“We want her to feel better as soon as she can. And I think just being an American, Americans love the Royal Family.”

And when asked about Donald Trump’s threat that he might deport Prince Harry, Ms Hartley said: “It’s not going to happen in the Biden administration.”

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Since the interview, Kate has shared that she was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing preventative chemotherapy.

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Posting on X after the future queen’s statement, Ms Hartley said she was “heartbroken” and wished her a “swift recovery”.

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