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11-year-old Boy Fatally Attacked by Large Dogs During Visit to Edmonton Residence

Animal control officers were contacted regarding two recent attacks at an Edmonton residence where a 11-year-old boy was fatally injured by two large dogs.

Authorities responded to the most recent incident at the residence located on the city’s south side on the evening of March 1. The boy sustained severe injuries, and officers administered life-saving measures until paramedics arrived. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The owner of the dogs resides in the same house where the boy was visiting, according to police.

The breed of the dogs was not disclosed, but they were described as “very large” by the authorities.

Following the tragic event, the dogs were apprehended. They are currently in the custody of the city’s Animal Care and Control Centre.

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Animal control was notified regarding the two prior incidents in 2024, as shared by communications adviser Chris Webster via email. One of the cases was resolved without charges, while the other was still being investigated.

Over the past year, there were multiple complaints about barking at the residence, Mr. Webster explained. These complaints led to warnings and one issued ticket.

Mr. Webster highlighted the city’s proactive measures in addressing and investigating dog attacks and enforcing restrictions on dogs following the allocation of additional budget resources by the council last year. Mr. Webster mentioned the formation of a five-member team and emphasized their role in monitoring dogs with a history of attacks.

It was not disclosed whether charges would be filed against the owner of the dogs involved in the fatal attack on the boy.

In a separate incident last month, a woman in Toronto faced charges after a dog attack caused life-altering injuries to a child. Police reported that the unleashed dog entered a playground area and attacked the child.

The woman, accused of leaving the scene with the dog, is facing multiple charges, including negligence causing bodily harm.

Furthermore, the owners of three large dogs were charged under a Calgary bylaw following the death of an 86-year-old in 2022. The elderly victim, Betty Ann Williams, was attacked while gardening when the dogs escaped from a neighboring backyard.

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