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3,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the English Channel this year

According to Home Office figures, 3,208 migrants have crossed the English Channel in small boats so far in 2024, marking the highest total for this period in the last six years.

The data released on Thursday reveals that a total of 225 migrants arrived in Britain on Wednesday, adding to the record-breaking total for this timeframe.

On Sunday, 327 migrants arrived, followed by another 401 on Monday, making it the highest daily total since the beginning of the year.

Comparing this year’s numbers from January 1 to March 6 with previous years, it shows an increase from the same timeframe last year and surpasses the figures from 2022, which was a record year for English Channel crossings.

This brings the total for the past seven days to 953.

Annual Crossings Down More Than One-Third

Labour’s shadow immigration minister Stephen Kinnock criticized the government’s response to the increasing number of crossings, highlighting the need for action to address the ongoing situation.

The UK government has faced challenges in passing legislation to curb illegal migration, as recent votes in the House of Lords have resulted in defeats for the government.

Dismantling Criminal Gangs Aiding Illegal Migration

The government is seeking to disrupt the operations of criminal gangs involved in facilitating illegal migration by implementing new measures and partnerships with European countries.

Efforts are underway to break the business model of these criminal organizations that profit from human trafficking and illegal crossings.

Agreements with European Partners

The UK has signed agreements with European partners to enhance cooperation and coordination in addressing the issue of illegal migration and preventing dangerous Channel crossings.

These agreements involve increased collaboration between border agencies, training programs, joint operations, and intelligence sharing to improve border security.

Helping Migrants Thrive at Home

As part of a comprehensive approach to tackling illegal migration, the UK government emphasizes the importance of addressing root causes and supporting initiatives that help people thrive in their home countries.

Efforts to promote international development, increase global trade, and dismantle smuggling networks are key components of the government’s strategy to address the global migration challenge.

Ultimately, the goal is to create opportunities for individuals to stay and prosper in their own countries, reducing the need for risky and illegal migration routes.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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