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68 People Killed in Afghanistan due to Flash Floods

Flash floods from heavy seasonal rains have claimed the lives of at least 68 individuals in Afghanistan, as reported by Taliban representatives on Saturday. The death toll is based on initial assessments.

In the severely affected western province of Ghor, Abdul Wahid Hamas, spokesman for the provincial governor, confirmed 50 casualties. Furthermore, the province has faced substantial financial losses due to the destruction of thousands of homes, properties, and hundreds of hectares of agricultural land, particularly in the capital city of Feroz Koh.

Meanwhile, in the northern province of Farayab, 18 individuals lost their lives with two others sustaining injuries on Friday, according to Esmatullah Moradi, the spokesperson for the provincial governor. Property and land damage was reported across four districts, and over 300 animals perished.

The World Food Program (WFP) of the U.N. shared on the social media platform X that Ghor was the most severely affected by the floods as 2500 families were impacted. Assessment teams from WFP are present on the ground to provide assistance.

Last week, WFP stated that heavy rains in Afghanistan resulted in the deaths of over 300 individuals and the destruction of numerous houses, mainly in the northern province of Baghlan, which faced heavy flooding on May 10.

This recent disaster follows devastating floods that led to the deaths of at least 70 people in April. The floods also caused destruction to around 2,000 homes, three mosques, and four schools in western Farah and Herat, as well as southern Zabul and Kandahar provinces.

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