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A Toronto MP Believes He Fell Victim to CCP’s Honey Trap

MP Kevin Vuong, who himself was targeted by the Chinese regime, highlights the extensive foreign interference in Canada revealed in the recent report from the foreign interference inquiry. However, uncertainties linger about the government’s response to curb such activities.

“Now let’s see if the government will take any action,” Mr. Vuong told The Epoch Times.

Being the son of refugees who escaped from Vietnam during the war, Mr. Vuong understands the dangers posed by communist regimes. His family, comprising ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs in Vietnam, faced persecution under the communists.

“They lost everything,” he recounted.

Mr. Vuong’s grandfather and uncle were both imprisoned for political reasons by the communists but were eventually released with the help of U.S. forces and allies. His parents settled in Toronto, where he was born in 1989.

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“Canada offered refuge to my parents when other nations were closing doors,” he expressed.

This gratitude led him to join the Royal Canadian Navy as a reserve officer.

“I aimed to give back to the country that provided everything to my family,” he mentioned.

Mr. Vuong obtained a finance degree from Western University and a law-related master’s degree from the University of Toronto. He ventured into various consulting roles and university lecturer positions before launching his consulting and small-scale manufacturing businesses.

Involvement in community organizations, such as serving as an executive at the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy, being part of the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto’s board of directors, and contributing to the Mishkaowjiwan Foundation, was also part of his endeavors.

In 2020, he was named Canada’s NATO 2030 Young Leader by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, being one of 13 young representatives tasked with proposing ideas and recommendations for the alliance’s future agenda.

…and so on.

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