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Air Canada Introduces Luxury Bus Service to Connect Customers with Land-Air Travel Options

Air Canada is offering a “luxury” travel experience for some Ontario customers seeking a ride to the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The airline has announced a “multimodal” service that will enable customers in the Hamilton and Waterloo areas to book a seat on a new “luxury motor coach service” in conjunction with an Air Canada flight.

Air Canada has partnered with Colorado-based transportation firm Landline to get the new service off the ground.

“Customers travelling between airports on Landline’s premium motor coaches will enjoy the same benefits as those making air-only connections, including the convenience of a single itinerary, through-checked baggage when departing Hamilton or Region of Waterloo,” Air Canada vice-president of network planning Alexandre Lefevre said in a news release

Mr. Lefevre said the airline is planning to expand the services to other areas in Canada as well.

The pilot project is expected to begin at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport and the Region of Waterloo International Airport in May.

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The airline didn’t say how much the service will cost. On Air Canada’s website, it appears to be combined into the price of a ticket. Bookings are now open.

How it Works

Landline will offer six, non-stop round trips daily to the Toronto airport from the airports in Hamilton and Waterloo.

Customers will check in like they normally would for their flight where they will be given boarding passes for all segments of their trip.

“At a designated departure point at the local airport, they will board a luxury, Air Canada-branded motor coach and their checked baggage will be loaded,” the company said in its press release. “Upon arrival at Toronto Pearson, customers will proceed directly through security screening, while checked bags will be automatically transferred to the onward connecting flight.”

Customers traveling on Landline will be offered the same protections as customers traveling on air-only itineraries if coach or flight delays should occur, the airline said.

The luxury buses that will be used for the new service are made in Canada by Prevost, a manufacturer of touring coaches based in Sainte-Claire, Que. Each bus has 36 “spacious, leather seats in a two-by-one configuration,” the press release said.

Each bus will also be equipped with free Wi-Fi and power, as well as a table tray for each seat. Other amenities include ample overhead storage for carry-on baggage, and an onboard lavatory. The coaches are accessible to customers with physical disabilities thanks to a power lift for those who require mobility aids.

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