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Airbnb Hosts Oppose Rapid Enforcement Measures on Short-Term Rentals, Call for More Feasible Solutions

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Frank Conci of Penticton, British Columbia, built an addition over the garage of his home and tried renting it out long-term.”After we purposely complied with all the local city building permitting regulations and paying an outrageous annual business license fee, we began renting long-term,” he told The Epoch Times via email. He knew the tenants well, he said, but nonetheless, the suite fell into disrepair within less than three years.”We are not going to do that again. We can’t afford to,” Mr. Conci said.He has been renting it out short-term through Airbnb and has found it much easier to maintain it in “pristine condition.” He enjoys providing a space for tourists who prefer Airbnbs to hotels. Some of the benefits over hotels may include price, especially for longer stays, a more “local” experience with stays available in various neighbourhoods, and a more home-like accommodation.”Short-terms fill a huge need,” Mr. Conci said.

Ottawa introduced measures last week to crack down on short-term rentals, hoping to open them up to long-term renters amid a national housing shortage.Related Stories”Canada needs more long-term housing for Canadians to live in, and the federal government is taking action to crack down on these short-term rentals which are keeping homes for Canadians off the market,” the federal fall economic statement says. The measures were announced as part of the statement on Nov. 21.Many cities and provinces across the country have introduced measures to limit short-term rentals, including Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. British Columbia is set to roll out province-wide restrictions in the spring.

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