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Attorneys gear up to bring terror charges against major South African telecoms company and banks

A report suggests that South African banks and a telecoms group might have funded terrorists responsible for attacks on American servicemen and women. The investigation led by a lawyer indicates that the telecoms company, MTN Group, engaged with Iranian terrorist front companies that supported deadly attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. The lawyer represents 67 Americans affected by these attacks, alleging that MTN Group collaborated with Iranian entities linked to terrorism, including the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

MTN Group, having 290 million subscribers in Africa and the Middle East, has faced previous allegations related to facilitating terrorism. In 2016, Nigeria’s telecommunications regulatory agency sued MTN for $5.2 billion for not deactivating 5.2 million unregistered SIM cards. This failure was considered a national security threat due to extremists using cell phones for malicious activities.

According to the lawsuit, MTN provided funding, embargoed American technology, and logistical support to Iranian entities connected to terrorism. The plaintiffs claim that this technology assisted terrorists in monitoring American movements, communicating covertly, and constructing more lethal weapons.

Now, MTN faces a lawsuit from Sparacino PLLC law firm, representing American victims of terrorism. Sparacino alleges that MTN’s collaboration with Iranian entities aiding terrorism holds the company accountable for its actions. MTN, however, plans to oppose the lawsuit citing lack of jurisdiction.

Additionally, accusations against major South African banks for financing Hamas have surfaced. The banks deny these claims, stating compliance with international standards to prevent money laundering and terrorist funding. However, allegations from various sources assert that the banks are aiding Hamas via accounts held by sanctioned organizations.

Despite the denials, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has placed South Africa on its grey list due to weak financial regulations. Experts suggest that the country’s loopholes and lack of strict controls make it susceptible to terror financing.

Terrorist groups in South Africa are reportedly generating funds through illicit trades and alternative payment systems like Hawala. These methods enable significant outflows of untraceable cash, creating challenges for curbing such activities.

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