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Australian Prime Minister Urges for Transparency Following Aid Worker’s Death in Gaza

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the strike as a tragic incident and unintentional.

The Australian government has expressed outrage at the death of Australian aid worker Zomi Frankcom in Gaza during the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

Both Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Foreign Minister Penny Wong are demanding accountability and transparency regarding the incident.

Among the seven foreign aid workers killed in the strike, Ms. Frankcom has been remembered as a “kind, selfless, and outstanding human being” by her family.

In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the airstrike in Gaza was unintentional and that his government will conduct an investigation.

Mr. Albanese stated that he has spoken to Mr. Netanyahu and characterized the death of the World Central Kitchen worker as “unacceptable.”

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“I had a conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu early this morning after organizing it overnight. I conveyed Australia’s anger and concern over Zomi Frankcom’s death.”

The Israeli government has taken responsibility for the incident, and Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his condolences to Ms. Frankcom’s family and Australia.

“During our conversation, I stressed the importance of complete accountability and transparency, which Prime Minister Netanyahu has committed to regarding this tragic event,” Mr. Albanese mentioned.

Mr. Netanyahu expressed his deep regret over the tragic incident and pledged to conduct a “swift and transparent investigation,” in a post on X.

“Israel deeply regrets the tragic incident that led to the deaths of seven humanitarian aid workers. Our sympathies are with their families and home countries,” he stated.

“The [Israeli Defense Force] is carrying out a prompt and transparent investigation, and we will share our findings with the public.”

The prime minister assured that Israel is facilitating humanitarian aid to reach Gaza’s civilian population and is committed to preventing such tragedies in the future.

Moreover, Australian Foreign Minister Wong has expressed her outrage and confirmed her discussion with Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz.

“I had a late-night conversation with the Israeli foreign minister. I conveyed the outrage felt by Australians,” Ms. Wong stated on ABC Breakfast.

“I made it clear that the death of any aid worker, including Zomi Frankcom, was appalling and unacceptable; we condemn the airstrike and demand full accountability from Israel.”

Ms. Wong mentioned that her counterpart affirmed that the deaths resulted from an IDF strike.

She added that the circumstances leading to the incident are still under investigation.

“Zomi Frankcom, her fellow aid workers, and others who provide humanitarian assistance in conflict zones, such as the devastating situation in Gaza, should have been protected,” Ms. Wong emphasized.

The aid workers killed in the strike also include a U.S.-Canadian citizen, individuals from the UK, Palestine, and Poland.

While World Central Kitchen described the strike as a “targeted attack,” Israel denied this claim.

Mr. Albanese also spoke with Ms. Frankcom’s brother, stating they were “devastated” by the news on ABC 7.30.

“This is an overwhelming tragedy that they did not anticipate. Zomi understood the risks, but when you are there providing aid and support—engaging in such incredibly beneficial work, you do not expect this to happen,” Mr. Albanese remarked.

“Having aid workers from Australia and other countries engaged in humanitarian efforts, to have them killed in this manner while helping the people of Gaza, who are enduring immense poverty, is completely unacceptable.”

Opposition Grieves Over Loss and Backs Israeli Investigation

Meanwhile, Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Birmingham also called for an investigation in a post on X.

“We mourn the loss of Australian humanitarian worker Zomi Frankcom, who was working in Gaza to save lives amid great tragedy and suffering,” Mr. Birmingham remarked.

“Israel should conduct investigations and be transparent about their findings,” he added.

“Since the beginning of Hamas’s brutal attacks on October 7, many innocent lives have been lost in the conflict. Hamas should release hostages immediately and unconditionally, surrender terrorist capabilities, and facilitate a lasting ceasefire.”

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