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Calgary Pizza Restaurant Cleared of COVID-19 Regulation Violations as Charges Dropped

The City of Calgary has dropped charges against a pizzeria that was accused of violating multiple bylaws during the COVID-19 pandemic, including not requiring proof of vaccination status from customers.

Without Papers Pizza was charged in October 2021 after two undercover inspectors were allowed to purchase food and stay in the restaurant without being asked for proof of vaccination, according to a news release from The Democracy Fund (TDF).
The restaurant owner filed a constitutional challenge and the court date had been set for Nov. 15, according to a social media post from the owner, Jesse Johnson.

The Epoch Times reached out to the City of Calgary but did not immediately hear back.

As a result of the pizzeria’s business license being suspended, it went out of business, TDF said.

Mr. Johnson’s lawyer told The Epoch Times it was a bittersweet result.

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“While Mr. Johnson and Without Papers Pizza have been vindicated in court with their charges being dismissed, the campaign and prosecution to shut down the restaurant has resulted in torn families, bankruptcy, loss of homes, loss of an iconic Calgary business, a loss of community, and torn friendships,” Martin Rejman said in an email statement.

He also said the vaccine passport program was “poorly thought out” and “misguided.”

“There was no known industry consultation prior to bringing in the program, or any accommodation for businesses when the program was mandated onto various businesses.”

Mr. Rejman also noted that the government lost money trying to enforce the program.

“Ultimately, various levels of government lost as considerable tax revenue was forfeited in the pursuit of enforcement of an unlawful program, and the closure of a business where no COVID-19 transmission occurred.”

The lawyers for Mr. Johnson argued in the constitutional challenge that the bylaws he was charged with violating were found to be invalid by the Court of King’s Bench.

A July 31 decision found that because the regulations were made by the cabinet and not the chief medical health officer, they were invalid.

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