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Campaigners Warn of Pornography’s Influence on Impoverished Boys’ Mental Health

Boys’ unrestricted access to ‘violent and deviant material’ is fueling what some describe as ’the largest unregulated social experiment’ in human history.

Unrestricted access to pornography is causing profound and alarming changes in the cognitive development of boys hailing from the most economically deprived backgrounds, according to campaigners.

The CEO of The Reward Foundation, Mary Sharpe, stated that young boys from tough economic backgrounds having unfettered access to increasingly violent and deviant material is a “slow-motion car crash” for society.

She emphasized that this situation represents “the biggest unregulated social experiment in the history of mankind.”

Sharpe also mentioned the challenges faced by social services and the criminal justice system due to the rising number of cases related to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child sexual abuse.

‘The Eye of Sauron’

Various groups and experts have expressed concerns about children’s access to porn, highlighting the negative impacts it can have on young minds.

Concerns have been raised particularly among those working directly with economically deprived children who have witnessed significant changes in behavior due to exposure to explicit material.

An organizer of a Christian outdoor learning activities center shared observations of noticeable changes in boys, especially those with autism, using explicit sexual language.

Due to the intensity of the issue, many in the UK are now more engaged in discussions about the societal consequences of unrestricted access to pornography when compared to the United States.

Despite efforts to address the problem, the availability of smartphones and unrestricted internet access pose significant challenges in controlling children’s exposure to such content.

“The only person that can do anything is the parent,” the organizer stated, emphasizing the crucial role parents play in guiding their children through the potential harms of unrestricted access to porn.

‘Porn Just Adds Fat to the Fire’

Sharpe highlighted the underestimated impact of “porn addiction” on socially deprived children, emphasizing the additional stressors they may face due to adverse childhood experiences.

She mentioned the challenges parents face in dealing with addicted teenagers and the detrimental effects of early exposure to porn on their cognitive development.

Research suggests that porn addiction contributes to mental health issues, social anxiety, and objectification of women, leading to harmful behaviors.

She also touched upon the growing trend of economically deprived youth engaging in online sexual activities for monetary gains, which can have lasting psychological and physical consequences.

Efforts are being made to address the issue, with campaigns like Safescreens advocating for stricter regulations on smartphone sales to children.

Experts like John Carr believe that legislative measures such as the Online Safety Act can help prevent children from accessing harmful content online.

Despite the challenges, there is a consensus among many in the UK that children should be protected from exposure to pornographic material.

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