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Canada’s Ceasefire Motion: A Symbolic Gesture Without Substance


Canada faced embarrassment last fall when a former Nazi was applauded in Parliament.
Now, questions arise as to why Liberals are shaking hands with a well-known Holocaust denier.
These questions surfaced after a heated House of Commons debate on March 19 where many speakers seemed to compete in showing support for Hamas.
The motion faced opposition from every Conservative member and three Liberals, including Anthony Housefather who is reconsidering his stance within the Liberal Party. His tweet about the motion can be found here.
On Monday the NDP proposed a ceasefire motion that did not demand Hamas’s surrender or other necessary actions hostile towards Israel. This motion could potentially reward terrorist attacks which is unwise,” stated Housefather.

And he couldn’t be more accurate in his assessment.

While Canadians wish for an end to the conflict, it is crucial to acknowledge that returning hostages and Hamas disarming are essential. This has been Canada’s stance since the beginning of the Oct 7, 2023 conflict as reiterated by Defence Minister Bill Blair in his statement.

Officially, Canada supports Israel’s right to self-defense, emphasizing the need to eliminate Hamas’s threat. Yet, the recent motion by Liberals condemning Israel instead of focusing on Hamas has raised concerns.

Hamas remains a recognized terrorist group in Canada and globally, acting as a proxy for Iran, making it imperative to address their threat.

Despite the political turmoil surrounding the issue, Canada’s stance remains unchanged – Israel has the right to protect itself by eradicating Hamas.

The ongoing debate and protests seem more like rhetoric as the underlying mission must remain the elimination of Hamas for Israel’s security. The future of Netanyahu awaits the conclusion of this conflict.
In conclusion, the focus should be on the critical directive to eradicate Hamas for Israel’s survival, rather than political drama that adds little value to the substantive issue at hand.

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