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CBC CEO Called to Testify Once More at Heritage Committee Regarding Funding Increases

The CEO of CBC has been called back to testify before the Heritage Committee after being accused of providing misleading information about the amount of funding the organization receives from the government. In a 6–5 vote, Catherine Tait was summoned to appear before the committee for questioning by April 9.

“Miss Tait misled the committee and the Canadian public. She stated, ‘I need to cut 10 percent of CBC staff,’ which amounts to over 800 jobs,” said Conservative MP Kevin Waugh.

In December, Ms. Tait announced layoffs at CBC due to a $125 million budget shortfall. This would result in cutting 600 positions nationwide and leaving 200 vacancies unfilled.

On Jan. 30, Ms. Tait testified before the Heritage Committee, claiming the CBC faced chronic underfunding and had to stretch limited resources to fulfill its mandate. When she was questioned about potential bonuses for CBC executives, Ms. Tait mentioned that the decision on performance pay is made by the CBC’s board of directors and was yet to be determined.
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However, the Feb. 29 budget Main Estimates confirmed an increase in CBC funding by $96.1 million in 2024, reaching a record $1.38 billion. Following the announcement, CBC spokesperson Leon Mar stated that the funding boost would reduce but not eliminate the $125 million shortfall.

Records obtained through Access to Information by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation on March 12 revealed that CBC paid out at least $14.9 million in bonuses in 2023.

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“It is shocking how 800 employees were let go while almost $15 million in performance bonuses were given out,” expressed Mr. Waugh. At the end of the meeting, the committee approved a motion stating that Ms. Tait would have to address the funding increase of nearly $100 million to the public broadcaster and the distribution of $14.9 million in bonuses.

Conservative MP Rachael Thomas suggested that CBC’s management must have been aware of the upcoming bonuses and funding increase when Ms. Tait claimed the organization was struggling. “The issue is that the CEO of CBC, Catherine Tait, came before this committee and seemed to mislead us,” she said.

Liberal MPs on the committee opposed the motion, with MP and parliamentary secretary for heritage Taleeb Noormohamed stating that they saw a constant “politicization of the CBC.” He added, “We need to remain vigilant as our Conservative counterparts consistently express their desire to defund the CBC and view it as a government mouthpiece.”

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