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CCP’s Infiltration Poses a Growing Threat to Overseas Chinese

Beijing’s systematic theft of Western technology has led to a growing distrust toward Chinese nationals in the global community. They are increasingly viewed as potential allies or agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). As Western vigilance against CCP influence abroad increases, the Chinese community faces growing isolation, heightening suspicion from Western institutions.

One reason for this distrust is the coercion by the CCP, which follows Chinese individuals even after they leave China to start new lives in the West. Analysts recommend that for Chinese individuals to avoid manipulation and assimilate into Western society, they must establish clear boundaries with the CCP.

Growing Skepticism

Over a decade ago, many Taiwanese students were attracted to studying in China as it offered easier access to prestigious universities in the United States, according to Shen Jung-Chin, an associate professor at York University in Toronto, as reported by The Epoch Times Chinese edition.

Mr. Shen noted that at that time, the quota for Chinese students was significantly higher than that for Taiwanese students. “However, the situation has changed since then,” he added.

From 2018, Chinese students applying to study in the United States have faced a rise in visa rejections, especially in sensitive high-tech fields, presenting greater challenges compared to the past, Shen Jung-Chin mentioned. He said, “The increasing suspicion surrounding Chinese students and scholars working for the CCP has raised concerns about potential harm to American interests.”

Between June and September 2020, over 1,000 Chinese nationals had their visas canceled by the United States under a program targeting graduate students and researchers believed to have connections to the Chinese military, as per a Reuters report.

Zhong Shan, a senior engineer in Silicon Valley, shared with The Epoch Times that he encountered a similar situation during his job search.

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“Despite receiving an offer from a well-known company and passing the initial interview successfully, I was unable to start working due to my Chinese background, which restricted my access to the workplace,” he explained.

He perceived a covert form of discrimination where Chinese individuals are permitted employment and participation in non-critical roles. However, they are prohibited from engaging in crucial positions due to concerns about their loyalty.

Mr. Shen observed that Chinese employees in Western companies often face a glass ceiling: when they reach a certain level, they struggle to progress further.

He said, “The CCP’s influence on overseas Chinese has heightened suspicion from their host countries towards them.”

Aiming to Steal

In recent years, the CCP has systematically engaged in the theft of Western technology through various methods: acquiring overseas companies or forming partnerships with them to acquire technology in exchange for market access; engaging in illegal cyber hacking or economic espionage; and exploiting “gray areas” to obtain technology through educational institutions, research centers, scholars, and commercial transactions, with substantial support from the Chinese government.

According to a 2020 report by the Chinese Talent Program Tracker at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), China operates around 40 national talent recruitment programs to attract overseas talent. The total number, including regional programs, is estimated to be close to 300.

The most notable program is the Thousand Talents Program, started in 2008, which focuses on researchers and scholars in American universities and is overseen by the CCP’s Overseas High-level Talent Recruitment Work Group.

An August 2020 report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute uncovered 600 CCP overseas talent recruitment stations.

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